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Spanish as a foreign Language


To cover level B1 increasing the linguistic and communicative skills of future students of Spanish as a
Foreign Language through total immersion in the Spanish-speaking world and the Mexican culture using
the most recent methodological tools and learning trends.


  • Students
  • Professionals.
  • Language enthusiasts.
  • Anyone interested in increasing their Spanish language skills from beginner to intermediate and improving their performance within different academic and social contexts.


1. Introduction and Greeting

  1. Talking about likes and dislikes, routines
  2. Use of the present tense
  3. Telling stories with assistance from the International Language School

2. Biographies

  1. Describing past events
  2. Use of the imperfect tense
  3. Visit to the Museo Maya in Cancun

3. Customs

  1. Talking about customs and cultura differences
  2. Use of the preterite and past perfect
  3. Creation of a piñata with the School of Design

4. Free Time

  1. Talking about free-time activities
  2. Use of the imperative
  3. Visit to the city market

5. Advice

  1. Giving advice and instructions
  2. Uses of the subjunctive
  3. Salsa classes with the Art and Culture Department

6. Cooking

  1. Giving instructions using the impersonal (passive) voice
  2. Use of indefinite verbs
  3. Cooking regional cuisine with the International School of Gastronomy


7. Then and Now

  1. Making comparisons
  2. Use of past tenses and the comparatives
  3. “Afternoons on the Radio” with the International School of Communication and Entertainment

8. The Newspaper

  1. Talking about the day’s news
  2. Use of the indirect style
  3. Visit to a hotel with the International School of the Hotel Industry

9. Predictions

  1. Talking about the duration of an activity
  2. Use of the future tense
  3. “Afternoons at the Movies” with the International School of Communication and Entertainment


10. Plans

  1. Talking about plans and placing an activity in the future
  2. Use of the future and conditionals
  3. Mexican/Yucatecan meal to celebrate the end of the course with the International Language School



Students will learn in a university environment that enhances their cultural immersion into Mexico since classes are held in classrooms on the campus of our University. Our language learners will have the opportunity to enjoy cultural experiences such as creating a piñata, spending an afternoon viewing a Mexican film, cooking Mexican food, having a guided tour of a five-star hotel, taking salsa classes, and visiting a local market.

Spanish as a foreign language anahuac cancun