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1.- Why study Psychopedagogy at the Anahuac University of Cancun?

  • The Anahuac University of Cancun is an international campus that enhances the international experience with teachers and students from over 30 different countries.
  • You will attend classes delivered by top-tier international academics, prominent professors and industry leaders.
  • You will gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience while participating in supervised practices.
  • Receive entrepreneurial education for career development and business innovation.
  • Enrich your international experience with more than 200 exchange programs with universities from around the world.

2.- What we’re looking for:

  • Do you have a way with words and good listening skills?
  • Are you a good observer?
  • Do you have analysis skills?
  • Do you think social engagement is important?
  • Are you interested in the human development stages?
  • Are you interested in teaching and learning processes?

3.- What can you do with a degree in Psychopedagogy?

  • Revolutionize education by implementing new teaching methods that take into account the needs of kids and teenagers.
  • Create and develop educational programs.
  • Address the issues related to different types of learning disabilities.
  • Educational counseling.

4.- Where can a Psychopedagogy graduate work?

  • Special education centers.
  • Speaker in conferences or training programs in educational, business and motivational fields.
  • Family integration and special needs government agencies (SEP, DIF).
  • Educational products and services entrepreneur.

5.- Careers

  • Educational consultant.
  • Inclusive school principal.
  • Career advisor.
  • Clinical education.
  • Development and training manager.

6.- 2020 Model

7.- Anahuac Leadership Programs

Innovative programs for leadership training that offer a diploma that includes encounters with professionals, national and international seminars, workshops, conferences, specialized subjects and a multidisciplinary integration.

There are currently nine different programs:

  • ACCIÓN: Sports Leadership Program/ in Sports
  • ALPHA: Medicine Leadership Program/ in Medicine
  • CIMA: University Leadership Program
  • CREA: Communication Leadership Program
  • CULMEN: Art and Culture Leadership Program
  • GENERA: Business Leadership Program
  • SINERGIA: Public Administration Leadership Program
  • VÉRTICE: Excellence Program

8.- Graduate Profile

The Anahuac psychopedagogue is a person with a solid professional, intellectual and human formation specialized in preventing and treating all learning disabilities but also develops activities and programs to orientate and train school staff in an ethical and responsible manner. The graduate practices the pedagogical profession with a critical, interdisciplinary and intercultural approach. Promotes an educational and organizational comprehensive and inclusive assessment with a respectful attitude in order to achieve the goal of transforming the society and culture.