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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Tourist Destination Development are ethical professionals with a genuine interest in the development of their communities. Building from their deep social and cultural knowledge, they initiate community projects to promote tourism. The program equips students with the abilities needed to identify development opportunities and diversify the offer of services through innovation in the field of tourism. Graduates develop and operate tourism businesses making responsible use of the natural and cultural heritage of the community through the application of sustainability principles. Taking into account community leaders and members, they build multidisciplinary professional networks to advance tourism in the region through joint efforts.
  • Ours is the only program in Mexico to offer a global perspective of the tourism industry with a focus on the development of sustainable tourism products.
  • Our program is comprised of 40% practical training, which allows students to meet industry professionals from the first semesters.
  • Students complete a full-time internship program, gaining one year of national and international work experience before graduating.
  • Through our association with more than 94 universities, students can participate in international exchange programs, earning credits that are transferable to Anáhuac University. We also offer students the opportunity to enroll in the Disney International Program, a 6-month experience during which participants study and work at the park to gain technical knowledge and develop social skills.
  • Our school features food and beverage laboratories. Starting in the fifth semester, students learn how to grow their vegetables, from sowing to harvesting, at our organic vegetable garden.
  • Students can earn different certificates from the State Department of Tourism (e.g., tourist guide certificate, M Badge for quality in tourism and travel-related services, among others).
  • Students learn and receive individualized attention from our outstanding faculty.
  • We offer students access to the best specialized digital libraries, such as E-UNWTO, EBSCO, PRO QUEST, Thomson ISI, among others.
  • Our program equips students with a solid background in business and financial topics as it shares a 50% common core with the bachelor's degree program in Business management and administration.
  • An advisory committee ensures our programs remain relevant to the current industry landscape. Made up of distinguished businessmen in the tourism industry, the committee also acts as a bridge between academia and the business world.
  • Given our wide array of course offerings, students can choose from over 100 electives to achieve their unique professional goals.
  • By offering special services and scheduling activities throughout the semester, the Out-of-State Student Assistance Center (CAF) helps students from other cities adapt and engage in the community.
  • You will devise and develop sustainable tourism products with a focus on the conservation and rescue of the natural and cultural resources available in the corresponding region.
  • You will gather information about the global trends in tourism and apply that knowledge towards the creation and marketing of new cultural experiences with a focus on interculturalism and social responsibility.
  • You will manage tourist destinations using a responsible, community-centered approach to generate economic benefits without harming the natural and cultural resources of the receiving region.
  • You will create, manage, and run businesses in the hospitality industry, such as food and beverage establishments, accommodation and transportation companies, amusement parks, among others.
  • You will provide tourism consultancy services in areas such as sustainability in business management, organization, and operation of companies in the hospitality industry, among others, acting always with a sense of ethics and responsibility.
  • You will assume roles in government organizations in areas such as tourism planning, promotion of tourist destinations, and regulation of social development and sustainable tourism policies.