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The organizing committee appreciates your interest in participating in The Doctor as a Humanist Third International Symposium. We are sure that this meeting will be a great opportunity to grow humanly and professionally.

As part of the academic activities of the Third International Symposium, the following call is issued to participate in the contest of the different applications of the humanities in the Health Sciences through the modality of poster.




Those interested in participating in this activity will have to take into account the following guidelines:

  1. The works must be original and related to the applications of the humanities in medicine.
  2. They must generate knowledge and proposals.
  3. Its application must be in some of the different Health Sciences.
  4. The poster MUST be presented in English,
  5. They should have as central axis any of the following topics related to medical humanities:
    • War and Medicine
    • Mexico and Medicine
    • Intrahospital Proposals
    • Educational Proposals
    • Research in the medical humanities area

To participate it is necessary that at least one author is previously registered to the DASH 2020 symposium, but if the other authors want to be part of this great event they will have to register in the same way. All papers received will be reviewed by the academic committee for evaluation and acceptance, its decision will be unappealable.



They should send a summary of the work done with the following characteristics:

  1. The file must be in .doc, .docm or .docx format.
  2. Arial font 12 points with line spacing of 1.5 cm.
  3. Maximum body extension or 500 word work text.
  4. You must have the following sections:


I. COVER (Sheet 1)

Which will include the following information:

  • Full name (starting by last name) of the author and co-authors who will present the work. (If accepted, the certificate will be issued with this information, so it is suggested to verify the correct writing).
  • Institution of origin.
  • Email.
  • Area in which he postulates his work, based on the topics related to simulation:
    • Research
    • Practical Application
    • Medical Education


II. HEADER (Sheet 2)

  • Title: centered, bold and uppercase (first line).
  • Authors: full name starting with the last name (second line).
  • Work site: Name of the institution (third line).
  • Email: from the first author (fourth line).


III. BODY (Sheet 3)

  • Introduction: include the background of the problem, objectives and research questions
  • Material and method: include type of research, population: number, gender; in the case of students, specify the year they are studying, undergraduate or postgraduate and for professors the area where they carry out their activity and the year they teach their course. Identification of variables or categories.
  • Instruments: mention number of items, sections or areas, scale of measurement, validity and reliability. Indicate the applied statistical tests.
  • Results: express the results in descriptive values and coherent with the objectives and the research question.
  • Discussion: interpreting the results and contrasting them with what was reported in research.
  • Conclusions: retake the key points of the research work.
  • Bibliographic references: minimum three, use APA style. For more information check



  1. Name the file with the paternal surname of the author who will present the work and its initials. For example: JimenezLG.
  2. In case of participating with more than one work, also include in the name of the file with consecutive number, as described below: JimenezLG1, JimenezLG2.
  3. You can register HERE
  4. Here you can upload your abstract or art piece: UPLOAD
  5. You will be notified if your work was accepted or not in March 6th, 2020.


The DEADLINE is March 1st, 2020. Jobs that are sent at a later date WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.


If accepted, the format for the preparation of the poster will be provided, which must be fully complied with; as well as information about the date, time, place and the characteristics of the presentation thereof.

The first three places will be recognized for which they will receive a certificate that accredits it as such. Only one proof of participation per poster will be granted.