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Anahuac Educational Model for Comprehensive Instruction

12 May 2017 / 11:08 hrs
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• Personalized attention

You are not just another student at Anahuac but yourself, with a name and surname, and we are your university.

• Professional instruction at the forefront worldwide

Updated curricular plans and programs, professional areas, integrated graduation, subjects delivered in English, state-of-the-art technology integrated to the learning-teaching process and special emphasis on a management and leadership perspective.

• Humane (Human? GS) instruction and general studies

Leadership, ethics, critical thinking, social commitment, art and culture, history, instruction for family, sports and languages.

• Academics with extensive experience

Full time and subject faculty members, combining their own professional, teaching and research instruction with an active participation in the economic, social and cultural life of Mexico and other countries, from strategic management positions in both public and private institutions.

• Pedagogical competencies-based approach

The aim is to transfer knowledge and we will help you develop your skills and attitudes, which will allow you to successfully develop your professional and personal lives, serving others: be, know, make and transcend.

• Semi-flexible Model

Our curricular structure by blocks allows you to choose subjects and academic load, to come together with your classmates and students from other Degrees, and to move to other universities within the Anahuac Network.

Our educational model and its curricular structure allow you to personalize your degree path:

  • Semi-flexible model that allows you to choose subjects, schedules and academic load.
  • Interdisciplinary to know and live experiences with students from other Degrees or semesters. 
  • Class identity with classmates starting their university studies along with you.
  • Mobility within the Anahuac Universities Network in Mexico.
  • Student exchanges with our International Network and many other universities worldwide.
  • Curricular Structure.

Curricular Structure

Professional Block

Subjects that will let you develop the competencies specific to your Degree, from the most general or common within such an area of knowledge up to the most specific ones. It has cutting-edge content and a regional approach, in addition to the subjects: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Social Responsibility and Sustainability and at least 18 credits in professional practices (Practicum).

Anahuac Block

Subjects that will help you make a thorough reflection on the current worldwide situation and society, based on the dignity and centrality of the human person; on the existence of the truth and the good, the ethical and social commitment of their Degree, and the ultimate meaning of their own existence. In addition, it has general study subjects aimed at complementing their instruction in areas such as ethics, leadership, art and culture, sport, languages, family, social commitment and spiritual instruction.

Elective Block

Subjects that are elective from the other two blocks, making their professional instruction and specialization flexible.


* The total sum of credits shown in this image is only an example. Total credits in a curricular plan might vary depending on the academic requirements of each undergraduate program.

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