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General Publishing Coordination

The Universidad Anáhuac México, through its General Publishing Coordination, makes the significant knowledge and thinking of its intellectual activity available to the academic and student community, and to the wider reading public, through co-edited works with well renowned publishing houses: Porrúa, Trillas, Limusa, El Manual Moderno, Intersistemas, Tirant Lo Blanch, LID Editorial, Wolters Kluwer, Siglo XXI Editores, among others.

Publications from the Universidad Anáhuac México are the result of the daily work of our teachers and researchers, who, in a generous spirit, have captured their knowledge and experience in these books for the benefit of their readers.

This is an example of coherence with the commitments inherent to our institutions: ease the instruction process and development of upstanding people, of positive action leaders promoting the authentic development of human beings and the society.

Our publications cover a number of disciplines of knowledge. It is possible to find books regarding bioethics, health sciences, humanities, communication, education, law, design, economics and business, tourism, international relations, and social responsibility. We have also published the memoirs of symposia and research projects successfully organized every year by the university.

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Open Access Publications

The Open Access Publication Platform of the Universidad Anáhuac is a repository managed by the General Publishing Coordination, with the aim of making different specialized and general publications available to the public, with free access and download.

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