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The University has a total of 18 Schools, distributed in both campuses. Click on the relevant link to know more about our programs.

School of Architecture

Escuela de Arquitectura

School of Arts

Escuela de Artes

School of Bioethics

Facultad de Bioetica

School of Actuarial Sciences


School of Health Science

Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud

School of Communication

Facultad de Comunicación

School of Sport Sciences

Escuela de Ciencias del Deporte

School of Law

Facultad de Derecho

School of Design

Escuela de Diseño

School of Economics and Business

Facultad de Economía y Negocios

School of Education

Facultad de Educación

School of Humanities, Philosophy, and Literature

Facultad de Humanidades, Filosofía y Letras

School of Engineering

Facultad de Ingenieria

School of Languages

Escuela de Lenguas

School of Psychology

Facultad de Psicología

School of Global Studies

Facultad de Estudios Globales

School of Social Responsibility

Facultad de Responsabilidad Social

School of Tourism and Gastronomy

Facultad de Turismo y Gastronomía