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Anahuac graduates: men and women who are the main characters of a more solidary world

14 March 2019 / 11:42 hrs
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“Can I invite my parents?”, “Is it fine if my grandparents come?”, “Can I invite my uncles?”, “Can I invite my friends?”, “My girlfriend wants to come too”, are some of the questions from the over 1,000 Bachelor graduate in their last semester in 2018.

Everyone is welcome at the Anahuac Mexico University, there are no tickets, the invitation is for the family and beloved ones for our Bachelor recent graduates in five ceremonies, an effort that lasted for four or five years and who are now becoming professionals.

“Dear parents, dear relatives who are now making company to you children, your nephews, your relatives, how proud you must be to see them graduating and even more at this University! Today is truly a very joyful day for everyone, and you deserve the best for all you have done for these young people to achieve their goals. This had been difficult time, but you have been their support, which has let them be here today” said Dr. Cipriano Sánchez García, L.C., Rector of the Anahuac at one of these ceremonies.

There are two essential day for any university: the first day of class and their graduation day. To see its students graduating confirms that the institutional mission is still being fulfilled.

“At the Anahuac we have striven in helping them in their education as upright people. However, they might now notice that their education will never end, that every day challenges are only an extension of the exams that worried them so much. It is therefore about encouraging you to have a the interest to discover what is valuable in everything you might experience. Whoever thinks they know it all is someone who is not open to what is yet to learn”, the Rector added.

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Our Anahuac graduates have no right to turn a blind eye to difficulties they might encounter in their lives. The Anahuac young people shall be a key player in whatever helps to connect and build up spaces for encounter and solidarity.

We held five ceremonies in the North and South campuses for 1,032 graduates from Schools and Faculties who were graduating this year, and they will now continue their professional development at their work life.

The Anahuac Mexico University congratulates you all: students, relatives, beloved ones, and is deeply grateful for the outstanding graduates who have taken part in the addresses in these graduation ceremonies: MS Juan Carlos Herrera Velhagen (Engineering, class of 1986), Director of Constructora, Operadora 2HR; MS Oscar Rodríguez Castañeda (Architecture, class of 1996), Director and Founder of TAAU; MS Samuel Vargas Lartegui (Master in Senior Management, class of 2000), General Director of Prosoltek Internacional; MS Gustavo Pérez Berlanga (Master in Social Responsibility, class of 2014), Director of Social Responsibility of Grupo Toks; and Dr. José Alfredo Merino Rajme (Doctor in Health Science, class of 2000), General Director of the Hospital 20 de Noviembre of the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSTE).

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