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#CalidadAnáhuac Award ceremony for our graduates obtaining the Excellence in Performance-EGEL

25 July 2019 / 10:55 hrs
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During the award ceremony, 55 graduates of our institutions were recognized along with 115 graduates from the Anahuac Universities Network.

The award ceremony of the Ceneval Award for Excellence in Performance-EGEL was held this morning in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. In it, 55 graduates from the Universidad Anahuac Mexico, and 115 graduates from the Anahuac Universities Network (RUA) were awarded.

The Award for Excellence in Performance was created by the National Evaluation Center for Higher Education CENEVAL with the aim of recognizing and motivating graduates from different undergraduate programs who reach an outstanding performance in every area of the General Exams for Undergraduate Certification (EGEL).

It must be noted that only 2.0% of examinees nationwide was recognized for their outstanding results. At the Universidad Anahuac Mexico, these prizewinners represent 7.8% of the total number of examinees in this period, well above the national average.

The laureates who took the EGEL during the 2018 July-December semester are:

1.    Guillermo Abascal Antón-Industrial Engineering
2.    Mariandrea Aguirre De la Torre-Marketing
3.    Claudia Sabina Alejandra Ángeles Ponce-Psychology
4.    Tania Beatriz Arestegui Pérez-Psychology
5.    Martha María Baidon Olea-Trade/International Business
6.    Adrián Berganza Anderhub-Administration
7.    Sofía Cabrera Estrada-Pedagogy/Education Sciences
8.    Leida Karina Castellanos Alcántara-Psychology
9.    Roberta Cespedes Camizau-Administration
10.    Simón Credi Kalach Simón-Psychology
11.    David Damián Ferrara David-Graphic Design
12.    Isaac Dayan Sutton-Administration
13.    Gabriela Díaz Cuadros-Gastronomy
14.    Ana Cristina Díaz de León Gómez-Trade/International Business
15.    Marcela Esquer Ramos-Gastronomy
16.    Fernando Fabre Malvido-Marketing
17.    Rodrigo Gallardo Ayala-Mechatronics Engineering
18.    Guillermo González Coppe-Trade/International Business
19.    María José González Hernández-Economics
20.    Sebastián González Jiménez-Psychology
21.    Paola Viviana González Salazar-Graphic Design
22.    Ana Gutiérrez Fernández-Nutrition Science
23.    Laura Patricia Hernández Herrera-Tourism
24.    Ana Paula Hernández Martínez-Graphic Design
25.    Nevenka Hinojos Félix-Marketing
26.    Emilio Jiménez Valdez-Chemical Engineering
27.    Ana Paula Landeta Sa-Internal Medicine
28.    Ana Alexa López Xochihua Martínez-Administration
29.    Diego Luna Hernández-Psychology
30.    Brenda Paulina Magaña Quijano-Psychology
31.    Alejandro Martín del Campo López-Law
32.    Alan Mattiello Martínez-Administration
33.    Mabel Karil Medrano Castañeda-Administration
34.    María Fernanda Millán Tortolero-Law
35.    Íñigo Muñiz García-Industrial Engineering
36.    Roberto Alejandro Navarro Mosqueda-Law
37.    José Antonio Navarro Reyes-Law
38.    Andrés Ocampo Montero-Internal Medicine
39.    Paola Ontiveros Vázquez-Psychology
40.    Ana Karen Palacios Escobosa-Psychology
41.    Sue Natasha Pedraza Palafox-Law
42.    Fernando Perea Zenteno-Trade/International Business
43.    Yolanda Piza Gallegos-Pedagogy-Education Sciences
44.    Carolina Monserrat Preza Garza-Law
45.    María Fernanda Puente Salas-Law
46.    Xakin Mariana Ramírez Isunza-Chemical Engineering
47.    Ana Carolina Rodríguez López-Odontology
48.    Alejandra Lissette Rodríguez Munro-Tourism
49.    Ollin Sanabria Valencia-Graphic Design
50.    Liliana Michelle Sánchez García-Psychology
51.    Tamara Alejandra Sierra Aparicio-Psychology
52.    Andrea Solís Quintero Andrea-Pedagogy/Education Sciences
53.    Iván Trejo Camba-Graphic Design
54.    Elin Mariana Velasco Guadarrama-Psychology
55.    Jonathan Vera Rendón-Administration

Our most sincere compliments to the graduates awarded, who are an honor for our institution. Having remarkable men and women is a testimony of an authentic Positive Action Leadership. We have no doubt that they will contribute to make of Mexico a better country.


For further information, please contact:
Academic Development and Management Directorate
External Accreditation and Evaluation Coordination
MS Garelli Moreno-Quinto, MS




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