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Prepare men and women to face a new world, 2018 Annual Report

14 March 2019 / 11:52 hrs
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Our North Campus dressed up to celebrate one of the most solemn and important events of the Anahuac Mexico University: the 2018 Annual Report to the University Community.

Dr. Cipriano Sánchez García, L.C. -Rector of our university- along with the robust Rectory Committee arrived in the Exhibitions Room, welcomed by students, student leaders, academics, and researchers, directors, government officials, administrative personnel, mass media, benefactors, and remarkable members of the Alumni Councils of Schools and Faculties.

Their traditional attires are emotive and filled us with pride. With a gown and mortarboard, we could identify humanists, scholars, researchers, and academics during the ceremony that sums up the efforts of those who have successfully achieved a goal -in this case, the achievements of the Anahuac Mexico University during the year 2018, together with each and every one of its members.

The Mexican National Anthem -that lyric poem that brings us together as a people- made way to this protocol ceremony, which -far from being presumptuous- is an invitation to reflect, recognize, acknowledge, and focus the Anahuac path, in addition to provide a description of who and where we are, and where we go.

From the podium, our Rector invites us to strengthen our University Community, including 53,000 alumni, after three years of starting the merging of the North and South campuses, reminding us the commitments we made with the society from our academic role and with the education quality and leadership.

“This Report does not only let us make an essential reflection about the progress made in 2018, but also brings the knowledge of who we are as Institution to our work. The essential matters are knowing who we are, where we are, and where we are going”, the Rector said.
The efforts and achievements of the Anahuac this 2018 were depicted in the following way: Numbers that positioned and characterized our Institution in different arenas: Anahuac Identity and Leadership; Academic Model Achievement and Partnerships; and Challenges for 2019.

Dr. Cipriano Sánchez also said that the Anahuac will strive to “continue being a proactive University, with ideas, research lines, teaching innovation, approximation to the knowledge of different social realities, and especially with a sense of mission in the society of Mexico and the world we live in.”

“The University has to focus on its essential functions to educate men and women who face a new world, for which there are not clear paradigms yet”, he stated.

The Rector also mentioned that the student community included more than 13,000 undergraduate students and over 4,000 graduate students. They are being served by a great team of 3,170 academics and over 800 administrative collaborators.

With these figures, he recognized we need teams of people who think about the future and quickly adjust, adding that “part of the Anahuac achievements is being thankful to those who have made it possible. Administrative and academic personnel, researchers, students, as well as those linked to our activities and projects must be satisfied with the work that will transcend ourselves while being part of a great community, to ensure the mission of our University becomes a reality every day.”

At graduate level, the offer is broad and varied, as we offer 54 Master’s, 36 specialties, and 18 Doctorate programs for a total of 108 programs. We finished with over 4,000 students this last 2018, in which we continued with the work for the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

The Anahuac also consolidated it presence in Greater Mexico City after being recognized among the best thee Mexican universities by the 2018 QS World University Ranking.

After three years leading this University, Dr. Cipriano Sánchez -a man with a profound human and moral education- has been able to lead this institution in social awareness. He has imprinted this community the values and principles of Christian humanism. An example of this is the work made by ASUA Re-Construye, which joined the Anahuac Universities Network (RUA) to help in the reconstruction of 59 houses, three classrooms, and a community center in the states of Mexico, Puebla, and Oaxaca.

“In its 55 years of existence, the Anahuac University has become an important urban and territorial reference, as well as a social, scientific, technological, economic, and business driver. We are aware that we are living a change of time, implying great demographic and social pressures, political demands, and education changes. This makes us face increasingly complex decisions given the political context and the tough competition in the education market”, he added.

We shall mention that last year directors, academics, administrative staff, students, and alumni demonstrated their leadership, after receiving well-deserved recognitions. We can also mention the achievement of our Anahuac Lions, who set a milestone in sports after getting the first place nationwide in the National Sports Commission for Private Institutions (CONADEIP) or its great participation in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games held in Barranquilla, Colombia, where they obtained 48 medals for the Mexican team.

“Our path is our social commitment, our comprehensive instruction, our dynamic entrepreneurship, our Catholic identity open to a respectful dialog, so that men and women choosing the Anahuac, studying, and growing at the Anahuac continue spreading authentic and significant certainties,” said the Rector.

Our relation with companies, government offices, civil society, cultural entities, chambers and nonprofit associations, and ecclesial communities are part of the Achievements of the Academic and Partnership Model, whose purpose is generating projects and solutions in favor of the community.

However, Dr. Cipriano Sánchez recognized that there is still a long way to go. This is why, in face of this 2019, he has committed to continue working on comprehensive instruction, boosting the Catholic identity among the community, as well as the leadership and presence, the strengthening and compliance of the education model, in addition to partnerships, research, and internationalization, which are key elements for the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

The achievements for this third report, and supported by three videos, are proof of the dimensions of our University, and institution that strives for being a seedbed in Mexico, where students get consolidated as Positive Action Leaders in benefit of the society.

For further information, please contact:
Institutional Communication Directorate
Contents Coordination
BS Antonio de Landa Dorantes, BS


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