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Psychology, first place nationwide in the Awards for Excellence-EGEL

17 January 2019 / 11:58 hrs
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As a reflection of the academic quality offered by the Universidad Anahuac Mexico to its students, the Faculty of Psychology obtained the highest number of Ceneval Awards for Excellence in Performance -EGEL nationwide, with a total of 16 awards.

Fifty-four students of the Universidad Anahuac Mexico were honored at the Ceneval Awards for Excellence in Performance-EGEL award ceremony, including sixteen Psychology students. The ceremony was celebrated a couple of weeks ago, in the Universidad Anahuac Queretaro.

The Psychology laureates who took the EGEL during the 2018 January-June semester were:

1. Héctor Bárcenas Gómez - Psychology
2. Alba Karina Calva Delgadillo - Psychology
3.María Paula García Díaz - Psychology
4.Mariana Habermann Villaverde - Psychology
5.Clara Laska Mervitch - Psychology
6.Daniela Lobato Bentivogli - Psychology
7.Mariana Mesinas Garrido - Psychology
8.Macarena Mosca María - Psychology
9.Samuel Ohrenstein Nasielskier - Psychology
10.Regina Pérez Santana - Psychology
11.María del Pilar Portilla Montemayor - Psychology
12. María Rodríguez Heckmuller - Psychology
13. Ilana Saban Kamaji - Psychology
14. Cecilia Torres Arpi Acero - Psychology
15. Ana Elena Tovar Araiza - Psychology
16. Viviana Villicaña Muñoz - Psychology

The Award for Excellence in Performance was created by CENEVAL with the aim of recognizing and motivating graduates from different undergraduate programs who reach an outstanding performance in every area of the General Exams for Undergraduate Certification (EGEL).
It must be said that only 2% of graduates taking the exam at national level are recognized for their outstanding performance in the EGEL. In contrast, 30% of our Psychology students taking the exam were awarded.
Our most sincere compliments to the graduates awarded, who are an honor for the Anahuac. Having remarkable men and women is a testimony of an authentic Positive Action Leadership. We have no doubt that they will contribute to make of Mexico a better country.
For further information, please contact:
Academic Development and Management Directorate
External Accreditations and Evaluations Coordination
Lorena Garelli Moreno-Quinto, MS

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