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Rewarding the effort and academic quality of our students

26 April 2019 / 10:46 hrs
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At both our north and south campuses we had the Academic Excellence Awards for 289 students from all undergraduate programs at the Universidad Anahuac Mexico. There were university authorities and Directors of Faculties and Schools, as well as the presidents of the Student Societies Federation (FESAL), José Emilio Antún Mejía, and Paola Ramírez Villafuerte.

At each of the two days of ceremonies, our speakers were the guest alumni: Francisco Alejandro Zinser Cieslik, BS, and Oscar David Hernández Carranza, BS, along with the awarded students, who addressed some words on behalf of the rest of the awarded students.



Our Rector, Dr. Cipriano Sánchez García, L.C., highlighted that “excellence is the ability to make our best as persons, to make the best for other people and make the best with people. This is not a view to the past, but a view to the future, of what can be done.”

The Rector also granted the Academic Excellence Award to each awarded student for obtaining an excellent average, being among the top 5% of their class in each degree. It must be said that two types of awards were granted: Outstanding, when the student -during the immediately preceding year- has been among the best 5% in their class in both semesters. Remarkable, when the student has been among the best 5% in their class, only at one of the two semesters before the award ceremony.

For further information, please contact:
Academic Vice-Rectory
MS Rubén Esqueda Acton

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