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The Anahuac was honored with the Mexico City’s Tourism Award

17 January 2019 / 12:08 hrs
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This last November 6, Dr. René Rivera Lozano, Postgraduate coordinator, received the 2018 Mexico City’s Tourism Award in its academic category from Armando López Cárdenas, Mexico City’s Tourism Secretary, and Ana Patricia Báez, local deputy, on behalf of the Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy.

The event was held at the upcoming Perfume Museum (MUPE), and organized by Mexico City’s Secretariat of Tourism. In their annual ceremony, they publicly recognize, boost, honor, and encourage stakeholders and institutions working and fostering tourism, in addition to promoting the tourism culture in the capital of our country.

This award is granted in the following categories: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, meeting and convention planners, specialized press, among others. In such a way, our Universidad Anahuac Mexico was honored in the academic category for its tourism contribution to Mexico City.

For further information, please contact:
Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy
Verónica Palavicini Palafox, MS


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