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The Bachelor in Law consolidates its academic leadership at national level

14 March 2019 / 11:33 hrs
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The Bachelors in Law at the Anahuac Mexico University has been consolidated in the las years as one of the best options in the country in terms of educating lawyers. It has delivered outstanding results in the General Exams for Undergraduate Certification (EGEL) and is also within the Register of High Academic Performance Program.

For the last three periods, the South Campus has also been part of the Register-EGEL at Level 1 Plus, a level that the North Campus will get in the following months, granted only to programs with 80% of approval. With 18 National Evaluation Center for Higher Education (Ceneval) Awards, it also became the second program with more recognitions in their first participation.

It must be said that the last annual report published in 2017, the Bachelors in Law at the Anuahuac Mexico University was in second place out of all the institutions. Besides, it had more than 30 students presenting this exam, while the South Campus was in the eight position with between 10 to 29 students sitting the exam.

With a total of 58 awards since it was first applied in 2012, the Bachelor in Law from our North Campus has become the High Academic Performance Program-EGEL with more recognitions within our Institution.

The Register of High Academic Performance Program-EGEL is made up of the programs at higher education institutions with a high percentage of graduates with satisfactory or outstanding results in the General Exams for Undergraduate Certification.

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