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Welcome! Eight-hundred first-year students are starting the university life at the Anahuac

17 January 2019 / 12:16 hrs
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The Universidad Anahuac Mexico welcomed 800 first-year students in our traditional Comprehensive University Welcome (BIU), an event we have every beginning of semester at both North and South campuses.

This is an opportunity for students to get information about the different services, workshops, and bonds offered by this institution. In this way, they can start getting involved with their Schools and Faculties, and meeting their academic authorities.


This time it was Dr. Bernardo Rangel Sada, Vice-Rector of Comprehensive Instruction, who welcomed them and wished success to the young students starting a new academic experience in this university.

The new Anahuac community members chose courses and became familiar with the university regulations, and university life after coming to the stands where they had several activities with the different student societies.

The BIU also included a welcome luncheon for out-of-state and foreign students to make them feel at home.

For further information, please contact:
Student Relation Directorate
Juan Manuel Collazo Araico, BS

Luis Jacinto Salcido, BS


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