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List of Postgraduate Degrees

19 May 2017 / 16:06 hrs
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The Universidad Anahuac, concerned for providing continuous positive action leadership instruction to professionals pursuing important positions within a company, welcomes you to its official Postgraduate website, where you can find our academic offer, which includes 112 programs: 19 Doctorates, 59 Masters, and 34 Specialties. You can also check all the information about admission, funding, news, and events, so you can join the program you like.

This website was developed thinking of you, for your professional growth and development. Start by learning about all the options we have available for you, get information and guidance from the experts in the field.

It is a pleasure for us to help you, and contribute to your education and professional transcendence.

    Masters of Risk Management
    Masters of Interior Architecture
    Masters of Integrated Marketing
    Masters of Business Law (South)
    Masters of Fashion and Marketing (South)
    Masters of Strategic Human Capital Management
    Masters of Mexican Culture, Theology, and Pastoral (South)
    Masters of Logistics and International Businesses
    Masters of Clinical Psychology (South)



    Doctorate of Communication Research
    Doctorate of Laws (South)
    Doctorate of International Security



    Specialty of Digital Processes
    Specialty of Quantitative Methods in Finance
    Specialty of Corporate Health and Wellness
    Specialty of Marketing
    Specialty of Marketing (South)
    Specialty of Telecommunication Studies
    Specialty in Adversarial Accusatorial System
    Specialty of Business Law
    Specialty of Inclusion Development and Practices for People with Disabilities
    Specialty of Educational Evaluation
    Specialty of Finance


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