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General Expenses

Preparing to live abroad can be exciting but also stressful, especially as a first-time traveler. To make it as easy as possible, it is best to prepare as much as you can from the comfort of your own home.

Check out these tips that will help you get ready for your search:

  • Check the distance between your potential new home and your university.
  • Before signing a contract, check what expenses are included.
  • Always check out (if possible) the house before renting it, sign a lease that describes it’s conditions.
  • Ask for a bank guarantee or deposit, if you’re asked for a one month deposit, ask for a receipt.

The “urbanos” are buses that make multiple stops upon arrival, their regular fare is around $10 pesos

You can take an “urbano” to Anáhuac Oaxaca at any of these stops:

  • Soriana Reforma
  • Plaza del Valle
  • Parque El Tequio

The “taxis foraneos” are taxis that take multiple people that are traveling to the same place, in the same car. They charge a cheaper fare than a regular cab, which is around $20 PESOS There is two “taxis foraneos” that travel to Anáhuac Oaxaca.

The first one comes from the “Central de Abastos de Oaxaca” and the second from “El Parque del Amor”

The menu at Anahuac University Oaxaca is around $60 Mexican pesos. But also you can go to some “cocina económica” which are close to the university, and the menu is around that price.

Here at the city are different companies that offer plans for your cell phone or home phone, like Telcel, Movistar, AT&T, as well as the internet, or maybe in the place where you choose to live comes included.

For entertainment you can go to the different tourist places that Oaxaca offers, such as:

You can enjoy the crafts that Oaxaca offers, you can go to local markets to buy typical clothes or food like in:

Or also, you can visit some "Pueblo Mágico" like:

Even go to the beach:

This includes expenses for your personal use.

This section is for any emergency.

Mayores Informes

Language & International Program Coordinator