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Giulia Bovassi stands out at the 68th United Nations World Congress on Women

Giulia Bovassi

Her participation not only enriches the global dialogue on women's rights and empowerment, but also highlights the academic community's commitment to addressing current challenges.


On March 20th, amidst the grandeur of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, we had the privilege of convening at the 68th World Congress on Women. This prestigious event brought together minds from various corners of the globe to deliberate upon crucial issues concerning women's rights and empowerment.


One of the highlights of the conference was the insightful address delivered by our esteemed professor, Giulia Bovassi, who delved into the intricate subject of surrogacy. Professor Bovassi's presentation, meticulously crafted and rich in substance, shed light on the complexities surrounding surrogacy, exploring its bioethical, legal, and social dimensions.




It was heartening to witness the engagement and interest sparked by Professor Bovassi's discourse. Among the attendees were students from Anahuac University, who approached her with eagerness to delve deeper into the subject matter.


Her invitation to participate as part of the group of ADF International and the Holy See . Their recognition of her expertise underscores the significance of her contributions to the discourse on women's bioethical reproductive aspects.




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