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Bioethics Consultation Service

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The Anahuac Bioethics Consultation Service (COBIA for its Spanish name) is a resource offered by the Anahuac México Faculty of Bioethics that is provided free of charge and in a completely confidential way to the general public.




The main objective of the Anahuac Bioethics Consultation Service (COBIA) is to provide professional guidance regarding the ethical values ​​involved in medical situations, in order to cast recommendations that can serve to lead to sound ethical decisions. 


What you should know about COBIA


  • You can ask for our services anonymously, without having to provide any personal data.
  • The service is NOT binding, so the ethical advice given in this consultation service, may or may not be followed by the consultant, being sole responsibility of the user of this service, the decisions or actions taken after the resolution proposed by our team.
  • Personal information provided by users through our website will be treated with the highest standards of confidentiality and in accordance with legislation regarding the protection of personal data.1
  • Our service adheres to Universal Bioethics Principles and ensures at all times the dignity, integrity and well-being of the patient. Regardless the values, preferences, culture, or religious beliefs, we provide an impartial service ensuring at all times the best interest of the patient beyond the preferences of any of the parties involved in the case. 
  • Our service ensures that our team consultants acts free of conflicts of interest and able to give impartial recommendations. However, should conflicts occur, these will be forwarded to another expert for follow up ensuring always a quality service.
  • COBIA aims to support, but not substitute, doctor-patient and doctor-family communication. In the same way, we intend to be a support for the Bioethics Committees of both public and private Hospitals, in such a way that our team will act with responsibility and will always be willing to collaborate with any authority involved in the clinical case.
  • Our staff is formed by a group of highly trained bioethics experts  that work in an interdisciplinary team consisting on physicians, nurses, lawyers, philosophers and psychologists.  
  • You can contact the 24 hour email service:
  • Please be explicit to clarify an urgent request. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

1If the Anahuac University community, at any time, notice a lack of the quoted principle or a mismanagement of the given information, we invite the user of consultancy service to draw upon to the official means to fill out the required forms according to university regulations.


Who is the Consulting Service (COBIA) for?



  • Doctors, nurses, health assistants, therapists or any other health professional who works in a hospital
  • Psychologists
  • Patients' relatives
  • Patients
  • Teachers or administrative staff


When to request the service?


  • When the valuable efforts of health professionals, patients and family members have reached an impasse.
  • When decisions are required about the next course of action in a patient’s treatment.
  • When there is uncertainty or reasonable doubt that leads to question decisions regarding the condition of a patient that either had been made or should be taken.
  • When the patient or relatives require extra support to understand medical decisions, clarify the patient’s’ condition or need some advice on making decisions that become relevant to the patient’s life. 
  • When there is an ethically challenging, complex, unprecedent or unusual case. 


Main Ethical and Bioethical problems concerning consultation services:



  • Lack of advanced directives
  • Discrepancies or disagreements between doctors-family-patient
  • Language clarifications or communication issues between patient-doctors
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Loss of autonomy in individuals
  • Adults and children protection
  • End-of-life decisions
  • Allocation of health resources decisions (Beds, treatments, surgeries, etc.)
  • Transplants


How to consult our team?



Click here


Our Team:


Yael Zonenszain
Dra. Yael
Dr. Antonio
Elvira Llaca
Dra. Elvira
Juan Manuel Palomares
Mtro. Juan Manuel
Marieli de los Ríos
Dra. Ma. Elizabeth
de los Ríos
Thomas Vethencourt
Martha Tarasco
Dra. Martha
Victoria Fernández
Dra. Victoria
Dora Garcia
Dra. Dora


Ethical Criteria Guideline for Health Emergencies in Mexico


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This service does not discriminate because of race, religion, sexual orientation, physical or economic condition, or any other reason.