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Medicine and Ethics Journal

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The Medicine and Ethics Journal is an international journal of Bioethics, Deontology and Medical Ethics that began its publication in April 1990. It has been published for 28 years uninterruptedly, being the first publication on bioethics in Mexico. The journal has also free online access since 2017.

Its content is sober and deep; it constitutes an ideal environment for the study of bioethical issues. This journal has an agreement with the journal "Medicina e Morale" in Rome. This is why some articles and materials published exclusively in that journal are translated into Spanish.

The Medicine and Ethics Journal has been cataloged by the Bioethics Research Library's, Georgetown University, in the 72nd place worldwide and 5th place in Spanish language.

The Medicine and Ethics Journal is indexed in the Open Journal database, with free access, BIBLAT (Latin American Bibliography) in Scientific and Social Research journals of the General Directorate of the UNAM Libraries; in the Latindex Catalog (Regional Online Information System for Scientific Journals of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal); in the database: The Philosopher's Index; and on the EBSCO platform.

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