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We celebrate the closing ceremony of the sixth generation of the Master in Global Bioethics

Closing ceremony

The graduates, representing nine different countries and diverse fields of expertise, now share a common bond as colleagues in the field of bioethics.


Anahuac University's School of Bioethics warmly welcomed participants to the Virtual Closing Ceremony commemorating the culmination of the sixth class of the Master in Global Bioethics M.S. Online.


Embarking on their journey two and a half years ago, and for some, even longer, the dedication and perseverance of the graduates have finally paid off. The ceremony serves as a testament to their hard work and commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


Among the esteemed guests present at the ceremony was Dr. Jose Alberto Castilla, the adjunct director of the school, along with three distinguished professors: Dr. Marta Tarasco, Dr. Paul Lee, and Dr. Marieli de los Rios. These esteemed figures not only graced the occasion with their presence but also shared invaluable insights and words of wisdom with the graduates.


Representing nine different countries and various fields of expertise, the 14 graduates now share a common bond as fellow colleagues in the field of bioethics, thanks to their shared experience in the master's program.


Dr. Tarasco encouraged the graduates to strive for excellence in their roles as bioethicists, while Dr. Paul Lee urged them to be beacons of light within the field. Dr. De los Rios emphasized the importance of following one's conscience in navigating ethical dilemmas.


Speaking on behalf of the class, Samar Tabet from the USA reflected on the enriching experience of learning from classmates with diverse perspectives and cultural backgrounds. She highlighted the value of such diversity in broadening their understanding of bioethical issues.


Concluding the ceremony, Dr. Girault urged the graduates to stay connected with the School and to uphold the values encapsulated in Anahuac University's motto, "Overcome evil with good." With this charge, the graduates embark on the next chapter of their journey, equipped with the knowledge and principles instilled during their time at Anahuac University's School of Bioethics.


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