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Master in Global Bioethics M.S. Online

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Starting date: November 6th, 2023

9th generation



The School of Bioethics of Universidad Anáhuac México, responding to the need to prepare experts in the field of Global Bioethics, and together with leading educational institutions worldwide, has developed a master's degree that reaches those professionals interested in Bioethics but who don’t have access to a face-to-face master's degree.

The online Master in Global Bioethics M.S. offers an outstanding global perspective of bioethics, taught by international experts with a high academic rigor. The program is for those professionals in the health sciences, philosophy, law, or any other discipline, who wish to acquire and apply the knowledge of Bioethics.

The Master in Global Bioethics M.S. is a co-sponsored program in collaboration with: Ateneo Regina Apostolorum; and the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, Rome.


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Promote human dignity, human rights and duties in the field of life sciences and medicine as well as in social and political environments.

Study and researching about biomedical, philosophical, social and legal aspects of the contemporary important and cutting-edge bioethical dilemmas.

Provide advice to hospital bioethics committees, as well as to ethics committees based on the principles of global bioethics.

Propose solutions to the main bioethical dilemmas that are presented through the methodology of global bioethics.

Analyze with an interdisciplinary approach, the main dilemmas facing bioethics today.

Justify the role that law, as a science, has over bioethics through the essential elements that make up its general theory.

Develop capacity for interdisciplinary, international and cross-cultural dialogue to explore new solutions for the preservation and the improvement of individual well-being and social welfare.

The student will make decisions with philosophical and scientific reasoning, arguing to respect the life of the human person and his dignity from its beginning to its end.

The graduate will make decisions in his professional field in light of the medical foundations of Bioethics.

The graduate will develop research projects in his professional field.

The Overall Purpose

The Master in Global Bioethics M.S. will train future professors, health care professionals, biomedical researchers, social and political agents with high academic knowledge and skills in bioethics. It will provide an integral formation in the field of global bioethics allowing participants to develop their professional activities, both in the private and public sphere, with social responsibility and grounded in a person-center approach.


Duration of the Master

Our Master’s is a flexible distance learning program, entirely online, for working professionals. The completion of the Master in Global Bioethics M.S. typically involves 2.5 years of course work.


Degree Requirements


Anahuac University
Anahuac University

The Anahuac University will grant
90 Mexican Credits as a Master degree


The Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum
will grant 60 ECTS

Academic Load

This Master will require 1,530 hours of Student Work

  • 30 Credits (equivalent to 60 ECTS)
  • 18 Courses
  • Each course = 5 modules (each module 1 week)
  • Each module = 17 hours of student work
  • Methodology

  • Required readings: 120 pages per module
  • Required videos: 2 hours per module
  • Optional readings and videos
  • Homework: essays, papers, forum, case resolutions, auto-evaluation tools, etc.
  • Academic courses and course description

    Course description

    Tuition, Scholarships and Application Process

    Application Process


    Applications are now open for November 6th, 2023


    Outcome Assessment Strategies


    In a program of high academic quality, evaluation plays a vital role in the implementation of the model. Given the characteristics of online learning, the evaluation is done through a combination of methods that vary according to the characteristics and objectives of the module where it is applied. It will mainly be a summative and integrative evaluation to ensure the expected learning.

    In some subjects, online assessments are incorporated that provide the student with instantaneous feedback on their performance, and or feedback from the teacher. Some alternatives for online assessment of learning are short answer tests, projects and papers, quizzes and self-evaluation systems.



    Student Learning Outcomes

    Critically evaluate standard practices to determine whether they are ethically sufficient.

    Analyze emerging moral issues in biomedicine and develop ethically sound professional responses.

    Effectively develop and critically evaluate practice and institutional polices.

    Discern and discuss ethical dilemmas in health care.

    Think critically in response to new and emerging health-care issues.

    Educate others in ethical issues related to health care.


    Students will have access to the online library of Universidad Anáhuac México where all the books needed for the program will be at their convinces.

    Visit the Library

    Information for new students

    This page contains useful information for new and current students in our program. Please bookmark this page as you will find many helpful links that are regularly updated.


  • Personal computer
  • Up to date web browser
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or newer
  • Word, Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Headset with built-in microphone
  • Email accessibility
  • Broadband connection strongly recommended
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    María Inés

    Maria Ines Girault MD.

    Graduate Bioethics Programs
    Faculty of Bioethics, Anahuac University




    Pamela Guerrero Guerrero

    Educational and Technological Support
    Master in Global Bioethics online



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