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Oscar Perdiz reflects on Fiducia Supplicans during Querida Amazonía session

Fiducia Supplicans

In this space, the need for pastoral sensitivity and dialogue was discussed, promoting inclusion and doctrinal fidelity.


In an event that marks the beginning of activities in 2024, the Querida Amazonía Interdisciplinary Study Group held the Fiducia Supplicans session led by Dr. Óscar Perdiz Figueroa, professor and national training coordinator of the Juan Pablo II Institute.


The virtual meeting focused on a topic of theological and pastoral relevance: the possibility of imparting even blessings in irregular situations within the Church, taking into consideration the Declaration Fiducia Supplians on the pastoral meaning of blessings, published by the Congregation for Doctrine of faith.


Dr. Perdiz outlined the purpose of the document aimed at discerning what types of blessings are appropriate, emphasizing the importance of differentiating them from the sacrament of marriage and approaching them with pastoral sensitivity.


During the talk, blessings were categorized into liturgical, sacramental and pastoral, highlighting that the first two are not applicable, but pastoral blessings, characterized by their spontaneous nature and arising from popular devotion, can be granted. It was also specified that these should not be denied to those who request them in good faith, representing an act of devotion and recognition of the need for spiritual assistance.


The academic from the John Paul II Institute, took the opportunity to address the challenges that these situations present, emphasizing that requests for blessings are opportunities for dialogue and acceptance, promoting spiritual growth and conversion. He also highlighted the need to approach these interactions with pastoral sensitivity, educating about the meaning of blessings and sacraments while welcoming people in their spiritual quest.


The event concluded with a call for reflection on how the Church and its communities can respond in a compassionate and theologically informed way to the diverse realities of life, maintaining balance.


With the presentation by Dr. Óscar Perdiz, you are invited to read the document to open your heart to an understanding and acceptance of grace, as well as the experience of our Catholic faith.


Enjoy the full session:


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