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The School of Bioethics bids farewell to three valuable members of the team

Jaqueline Pratt, Jimena Muñoz and Elian Vulfovich

Doctors Jaqueline Pratt, Jimena Muñoz and Elian Vulfovich conclude their social service at the School of Bioethics.


The School of Bioethics is filled with nostalgia and gratitude as we bid farewell to three outstanding team members who have left a significant mark on our growth and development. In an emotional meeting, we said goodbye to doctors Jaqueline Pratt, Jimena Muñoz and Elian Vulfovich, who are now embarking on new paths in their professional careers.


During their social service they contributed invaluablely to the school, forging meaningful professional relationships and experiencing both personal and professional growth. At the farewell, Dr. José Alberto Castilla, Director of the School of Bioethics, shared some grateful words, recognizing their impact on the Faculty and wishing them success in their future endeavors.


Jaqueline Pratt expressed her gratitude: “It was an honor for me to be able to contribute and learn in a field as important as bioethics, where fundamental issues for human well-being and society in general are addressed. I deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in me and I am committed to carrying out my responsibilities with dedication, ethics and enthusiasm. Thank you to the School of Bioethics for this invaluable opportunity and for your continued dedication to the advancement of bioethics and the training of professionals committed to ethics and the well-being of humanity.”


Jimena Muñoz shared her reflections: “Within my social service, I learned that bioethics is something that is lived every day, that the actions we have towards others demonstrate our empathy and our respect for each person in their dignity and vulnerability.”


Elian Vulfovich expressed: “During my social service, I discovered that bioethics, more than an academic field, is a philosophy that is lived daily. Every action we take toward others reflects our empathy and respect for the dignity and vulnerability of each person. This ethical commitment has been fundamental in my work in the School of Bioethics, where I have been able to apply these principles in a more profound way. The experience of integrating these values ​​into my social service has been transformative, allowing me to understand the importance of addressing ethical issues with sensitivity and consideration in each situation. "I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to contribute to projects such as the journal Medicine and Ethics, to meet incredible people and to continue growing in my path hand in hand with bioethics."


While we will miss their daily presence, we are excited by the opportunities presented to them and trust that they will take with them the values ​​and experience gained here.


We wish Jaqueline, Jimena and Elian every success in their future endeavors, reminding them that they will always be welcome and the doors of the Universidad Anáhuac, and especially those of the School of Bioethics, will be open to receive them at any time.




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