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Living In Mexico City

Mexico City is the political and economic capital of the country, it contributes with a fifth part of the National GDP in Mexico and it occupies an important part of the Valley of Mexico, located in the center of the country, where the basin of the ancient lake of Texcoco was. Mexico City is the most populated city in the country and one of the most populated in the world.

Where can I stay during my exchange?

We suggest you use our website "ACCOMMODATION ANÁHUAC" where you can find lodging options near our North and South campuses:
You can also request a place in the Residences of the South Campus, for more information, click here

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For more information, Click here



This transport takes you between campuses with multiple schedules during the day, it has no cost and you only need to reserve a place in the SOMOS ANÁHUAC app. Click here for more information.

Ruta Anáhuac

This service helps you to reduce the use of private transportation, reduce your time in traffic, and ensure you will arrive at your classes on time in a comfortable and safe way, Universidad Anáhuac México offers its own buses routes with multiple schedules taking you to the doors of our two campuses and leaving you in the most important points of the city. Service with cost per trip or semester. Click here for more information

 Average cost of living:

The approximate cost of living in Mexico City per month is $900 USD and it includes apartment rent, payment of power, water, gas, food, transportation and extra expenses (in moderation).


Mexican banks are usually open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, some banks offer their services on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Mexican Peso