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Kenyan students stand out in the Master in Global Bioethics at the Anahuac University

Congratulations to the recent graduates!

Congratulations to Daniel Lagat, Violet Naanyu, Angela Amayo and Purity Kirori, graduates of our Faculty.


We celebrate with great joy the outstanding achievement of our students Daniel Lagat, Violet Naanyu, Angela Amayo and Purity Kirori from Kenya, who proudly represent the first, second and third class of the Master in Global Bioethics. Their dedication and hard work have paid off, successfully obtaining their well-deserved diplomas.


Their achievements are a testament to their commitment to education and personal growth. It is reassuring to know that these diplomas have reached students from Nigeria, India, Georgia and Kenya, thus highlighting the international reach and impact of our academic institution.


This is a momentous occasion for both you and your families, and we join together to celebrate your success. We come together to celebrate this milestone in your lives and hope that it is the beginning of a journey filled with greater achievements and successes in your respective fields.


A distinctive feature of the Master in Global Bioethics is the possibility for students to live an international experience through exchanges with people of different nationalities, professions and experiences. This enriching approach not only broadens your academic horizons, but also contributes to forging positive action leaders capable of addressing global challenges with an intercultural and compassionate perspective. Through Global Bioethics, we are building bridges to an ethical and collaborative future.


Once again, congratulations to the recent graduates for this well-deserved achievement and we wish them a future full of success and contributions in the field of bioethics at a global level!


Next opening: May 27, 2024


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