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Message from the Dean

Welcome to Anahuac University, an academic community that seeks to inspire those who have a comprehensive vision of the power of the human being and to offer this vision to those who seek personal and professional growth. 

Anahuac University is not only made up of classrooms, staff, students and professors, it is above all a community that strives to produce individuals with integrity as well as authentic leaders of positive action, precisely through education, development and experiences based on three foundational elements: an outstanding professional and cultural training of international standing; a profound human and moral education inspired by the perennial values of Christian humanism; and a genuine social awareness. 

It is also important to emphasize that, at Anahuac, we know that a quality education is not only based on teaching methods, but on the interpersonal relationships that are built between the professors, students and everyone who works at our institution. However, through the institution's teaching methods, programs and academic excellence, our wish is to remain open to the search for truth through a dialogue between science and the capacities of humankind. This pursuit is a priority for our university.


The academic programs of the university’s 18 schools—which offer a total of 49 undergraduate programs, 47 master’s degrees, 16 doctorates and 36 specializations—are defined by their accumulated knowledge, innovative programs, cutting-edge research and latest technology and they are an example of the combined efforts of individuals who seek to offer the best of themselves. Anahuac proactively responds to the challenges facing the quality of education today with programs backed by national and international organizations and that implement the latest technological tools which answer to the needs of our society.


The university offers a distinctive curriculum based on integral formation, which is reflected in the institution’s social commitment achieved through the Social Action of Anahuac University (ASUA), Anahuac Leadership and Excellence Programs, Student Relations and University Pastoral Care, as well as the university’s sports and cultural activities. As a direct result of these actions, more than 37,000 graduates of our institution and the current students that have chosen Anahuac for their university education are endowed with leadership, responsibility and strength to excel as professionals in society and as people who offer their services for the common good.


Edgar González Olea 
Dean of the Business and Economics School 
Anahuac Mexico University