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Why Queretaro?

Full of history, it is admired as one of the best options to live.
Querétaro has multiple tourist points, monuments, nearby magical towns, ecosystems and biodiversity that captivates the adventure lover.
Being one of the cities with greatest security, it has everything you need for your professional university development.

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Incoming students

Julien Deckers from the Netherlands, shares that he likes Anahuac Querétaro a lot. And that the city is very modern, it is a very international city full of young people. At the Anáhuac University everything is very personal and they always help you, it is very easy to make friends.

Students from Spain, share with us that their experience was spectacular and Queretaro is a beautiful city, the people were very welcoming.

English version

Swiss version

Sarah Ritter, student of International Business from The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, she tells us about her incredible experience in the University with the students, the professors, and other good memories that she lived in Queretaro.

Lucía Fernández Baz, student of International Relations from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos shares that this year at the Anáhuac Querétaro has been her best international experience, she loved Mexican culture, classes, friends, and social life ... sadly, she is already back in Spain.

Pauline Correia and Marwan Rhorchi, students of Management and Administration of Business from Rennes School of Business, tell us everything great about their international semester in Anahuac Queretaro.


Check the student residence that is next to the University, has dining, laundry, cleaning and other services.
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Look all the nearby places and activities within the State of Querétaro so you can go on weekends during your international semester.
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