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Bachelor of Actuarial Science


Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Actuarial Science possess solid professional, intellectual, human, social, ethical and spiritual skills. Guided by the pursuit of truth and righteousness, they strive to exert their leadership to bring about change in society and culture. The program equips students with a solid background in mathematics and the ability to clearly communicate their results. Graduates specialize in the identification and analysis of problems involving risk and uncertainty and affecting, in essence, the financial health of individuals and the society as a whole. They do this through the construction and application of mathematical models.
  • We offer an international avant-garde curriculum authorized by the Asociación Internacional de Actuarios (International Association of Actuaries), through the Colegio Nacional de Actuarios (National College of Actuaries). It has a block structure that allows choosing subjects with a good academic load of human formation and fosters critical thinking, spirituality, and social commitment.
  • We have a first-level academic faculty with teachers that promote the comprehensive education of each of the students of our Actuarial Science degree, accompanying them in the search for truth and their personal growth.
  • Anáhuac University offers a cultural environment that favors a clear education process by practicing a personalized pedagogy, from a transcendental vision through the insertion of the education process in the current socio-cultural context.
  • You will get a solid academic education with an eminently hands-on approach, as a result of an excellent curriculum that allows you to choose several areas of professional development.
  • You will have the opportunity to live with and develop within a community with several interests at various levels, focused on Actuarial Science, from the first semesters of the Bachelor's Degree until the end of the Doctorate Program.
  • You will have a wide range of job opportunities due to a solid professional development domain in the actuarial traditional fields of exercise (Insurance and Finance), and you will also proficiently perform in other fields, such as Economics, operations' research, Marketing, Demographics, Statistics and research in pure Science.
  • You will have the possibility of living an international educational experience, as it is common that several of our students take advantage of the existing link between Anáhuac University and other universities of the Network and the entire world. (Learn more about our International Exchanges)
  • You can quickly integrate into the labor market as an actuary since our graduates are in great demand from public and private institutions.
  • You will be part of a harmonious community of people that are aware of themselves and the needs of their environment.
  • You can take part in a professional internship program that complements your study with experience in the labor field, as well as with contact with professionals of the actuarial, financial and research media while taking the courses.
  • As an actuary you will be able to work in several areas of the domestic economy, particularly in the financial area, (commercial and development banking, investments, corporate groups, etc.)
  • The work of the actuary that has graduated from Anáhuac University may shine in the traditional areas of professional practice in Mexico and the world, including Insurance and the future benefits estimate.
  • It is growingly common to find graduates from the Anahuác’s Bachelor of Actuarial Science within the consulting areas (Statistics, Market Research, Demographics, etc.) and the pure and applied professional research.
  • A growing number of graduates have developed their entrepreneurial spirit seeking to improve society through their own initiative.
  • The work of the actuary is highly known and demanded. It is a challenging job, but it is a very rewarding one. Actuaries graduated from Anáhuac University will find it easy to join several fields due to their solid education.