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Anáhuac History graduates specialize in achieving a greater critical and reflective understanding of the human being, society, and culture through time. They have a solid professional, intellectual, human, and social background. Above all, they seek the truth, choose the good and are determined to be leaders in the transformation of the culture of their time.
  • Universidad Anáhuac's CEICA is the only research center in Mexico and Latin America devoted to the study of ancient cultures.
  • Ours is the only bachelor's degree program in Mexico to offer a comprehensive overview of all periods of history: ancient history, the Middle Ages, modern times, and contemporary history.
  • We hold partnerships with the best universities and top research centers in Mexico and the world.
  • You will gain a critical, reflexive understanding of human beings, society, and culture throughout time.
  • Guided by the pursuit of truth and righteousness, you will strive to use your positive leadership skills for the purpose of transforming the culture of your time.
  • You will become an active agent in society through your involvement in projects of historical and cultural interest.
  • As a historian, you will possess distinctive assets for use in your professional practice: vast knowledge of the past and holistic, humanist education based on intellectual maturity, critical thinking skills, and the central role of human beings in professional endeavors.