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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Biotechnology are professionals with active social participation and a commitment towards the welfare of individuals and the society as a whole. They study, characterize, and describe biological systems in order to produce knowledge and gain an understanding of their functioning and possible applications in different areas: pharmaceutical, industrial, and medical. Ethical, responsible professionals with a sense of service to others, they specialize in the application of knowledge and techniques derived from the basic and applied sciences to solve problems. Graduates work in interdisciplinary teams and possess the skills needed to achieve transcendence through knowledge and involvement in the field of medicine and the industrial sector.
  • Our program courses are designed to help students develop the professional competencies needed to meet population demands.
  • Our faculty consists of noted scholars who possess extensive knowledge in their subject area and whose work has achieved international recognition.
  • Students receive individualized attention from faculty members, who encourage personal and professional growth.
  • We offer education with a humanistic approach and a focus on the scientific and technological development of the community.
  • You will work within multidisciplinary teams made up of students from other university programs to expand your entrepreneurial perspective.
  • Integrity, responsibility, and ethics while handling products of commercial interest intended to benefit the general population.
  • You will study and analyze biological systems used by industry players, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and communities.
  • You will design and validate processes for the creation of new products and services intended to improve human wellbeing.
  • You will work actively with other professionals to optimize joint efforts in addressing health issues and developing new products.
  • You will demonstrate the ability to transmit acquired knowledge to both specialized and general audiences in an effort to promote culture and education in their communities.i>
  • You will be prepared to take leadership positions in biotech companies and ensure the smooth operation of these businesses while positioning their products in the marketplace.
  • You will modify biological systems for industry players and pharmaceutical companies using biotechnological techniques and procedures.
  • You will form a vision and leadership focused on the competitive positioning of the institution where you work, taking care of people and the environment.
  • You will assume roles in organizations dedicated to the promotion of science and technology, both at the national and international levels.