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Characterized by their solid professional and human skills, Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Business Management promote business growth taking social responsibility as a guiding principle. They view employees as the core element of any organization and strive to achieve transcendence by helping them realize their full potential. The program includes courses in finance, management, marketing, mathematics, and engineering. Building from this solid background, our graduates make strategic business decisions to encourage sustainable development and bring about positive changes in society and culture. Taking quality, competitiveness, and social responsibility as guiding posts, they promote continuous process improvement at production and service organizations for the purpose of meeting community needs.
  • Our faculty consists of professors with outstanding academic credentials and teaching experience.
  • Students receive individualized attention.
  • Students integrate theory and practice through involvement in business projects.
  • Our program courses are designed to help students develop the professional competencies required by the marketplace.
  • You can choose one of our pre-specialty areas based on your interests.
  • You will participate in conferences and field trips to internationally renowned companies.
  • We offer education with a focus on sustainable development.
  • Our school has national and international student exchange programs.
  • You will guide and ensure the successful performance of companies and organizations.
  • You will possess the knowledge needed to provide support through the business creation process, successfully start companies, and bring innovative ideas to life.
  • You will develop operationally feasible and financially profitable strategic action plans for the development of new products, taking care to minimize the risks involved in operating in a highly competitive business landscape.
  • You will explore and expand into new international markets through innovation, development of growth strategies, and operational excellence for the purpose of positioning the company as an industry leader.
  • You will set forth strategies to ensure the company's sustainable development: economic growth, improvement of society, and environmental conservation.
  • You will design systems and processes using a global, strategic, and systematic approach.
  • You will align employee development opportunities with organizational goals through teamwork.
  • Using the results derived from database administration activities as well as communication and information technologies, you will construct and evaluate scenarios to make decisions affecting organizational processes.
  • You will come up with comprehensive, systematic solutions for problems affecting organizations and productive systems.
  • Using mathematical techniques and models, you will evaluate organizations and their production systems to provide the support needed for resource optimization.
  • You will evaluate and improve security, hygiene, and occupational health systems to safeguard people, assets, and facilities.
  • You will appreciate the central role of people in the productive process.