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A Chemical Engineer graduated from Anáhuac University is an ethical and responsible professional who seeks primarily the good of each person and society, and is focused on an essential branch of engineering sciences mainly engaged in the transformation of raw materials through chemical processes into high value-added products, the design, control and management of processes and chemical industrial plants, as well as the generation and application of technologies to manage them. Our chemical engineer seeks the common good through work in multidisciplinary teams and the management of projects involving chemical transformation processes while respecting nature and its resources at all times.
  • Our program, in addition to preserving the fundamental aspects of Chemical Engineering, adds the unique and distinctive component that our graduates, in addition to possessing solid knowledge, will perform efficiently, ethically and with respect to human values, which will allow them to position themselves within companies in important positions and remain at the forefront of process technologies.
  • Our Chemical Engineers will be able to adapt without difficulties to the labor market within the private and public sectors, as well as in research and academic areas.

Our Chemical Engineers can engage in Transformation Process Engineering, and in general, in any industry producing goods and products, based on the transformation of raw materials. Likewise, a Chemical Engineer can be dedicated to the design of equipment and processes of industrial plants. Our graduates are trained not only to design, operate, and improve processes but to manage them, ensuring efficient energy consumption in a framework of sustainable development and care for the environment. As an Anáhuac Chemical Engineer:

  • You will design chemical processes for the transformation of raw materials into finished products of high added value.
  • You will operate and evaluate chemical plants and processes.
  • Design and improve experimental chemical equipment and processes.
  • Develop and evaluate industrial projects that meet the needs of the organization and society.
  • You will design, implement, evaluate, and improve health and safety systems.
  • Apply computer systems and process simulators.
  • Apply clean technologies in the design and operation of industrial facilities for the care and preservation of the environment.
  • You will manage companies, units, and industrial plants of a chemical nature.
  • You will diagnose and solve technical problems through the application of concepts and tools from both chemical engineering and basic sciences.
  • You will optimize the use of material and energy resources, preserving at all times a balance and respect for nature.
  • You will evaluate problem-solving alternatives and feasibility, and choose the most convenient in terms of low environmental impact, higher productivity, and greater social benefit.
  • You will keep your knowledge at the forefront of current process technologies.