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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Civil Engineering are professionals with solid academic and human skills who promote sustainable development and the wellbeing of the population in any given community, region, or country through planning, design, construction, and maintenance activities in cities, buildings, and different works of infrastructure. Working ethically and in strict compliance with the applicable regulations, they make sure buildings and structures are safe and durable, functional and of social benefit. Graduates of the program have an international vision for the great works of infrastructure, which includes the latest global trends in terms of sustainable energy sources. They apply their knowledge with a profound sense of social responsibility.
  • Our program courses are designed to help students develop the professional competencies required by the marketplace.
  • We instill in our students an entrepreneurial spirit and provide networking opportunities with the business community.
  • We offer education with a focus on sustainable development.
  • Students receive individualized attention.
  • The program shares a common core with other engineering programs.
  • We offer education with a practical approach.
  • Our school features modern facilities and laboratories.
  • You will analyze and gain an understanding of engineering problems using concepts in the domains of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • You will analyze the phases of construction projects to calculate and evaluate costs.
  • You will analyze and evaluate hydraulic phenomena in channels and pipe networks.
  • You will understand and exploit the properties of construction materials.
  • You will identify and analyze alternative technologies to achieve energy savings.
  • You will analyze and design the construction phases of transportation infrastructure projects required in a region or country (roads, railways, ports, and airports).
  • You will identify and analyze water, air, and soil pollution phenomena.
  • Taking sustainable development as a guiding principle, you will implement measures to overcome and mitigate the impact of water, soil, and air pollution phenomena on the construction process of any infrastructure project.
  • You will develop and start businesses in the construction industry.