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Anáhuac graduates from the bachelor’s degree program in Contemporary Music are positive leaders that artistically develop and engage in creative proposals, projects, and products of a musical and interdisciplinary nature, all of them nurtured by the knowledge of their cultural roots and identity. Students acquire their knowledge through live performances, phonogram recordings, composition, and arrangement, as well as through musical productions or teaching practices. Their work promotes universal values through the development of musical culture and its different contemporary artistic expressions at a national and international level. Such work is supported by a solid technical, technological, humane, and professional training, as well as by the graduates’ wide vision for culture, music, and management.
  • Academic preparation based on current and innovative teaching methods
  • Solid theoretical bases that are integrated with the instrumental and scenic experience
  • A broad analytical and professional vision that allows you to successfully perform in the music industry
  • A cultural approach that allows you to develop new musical proposals that integrate your creativity with the national and international demand for professional musicians
  • Professional, technical, and interpretative excellence
  • Seriousness, responsibility, and ethics to produce results of commercial and cultural value
  • Creation of professional links in Mexico’s musical scene
  • Management of specialized software and hardware
  • Biannual presentations in important national and international forums
  • Generation of interdisciplinary artistic projects
  • You will play a musical instrument or sing with high artistic quality so that you can work professionally as a soloist or join musical groups; you will interpret, with excellent technique, pieces from the contemporary, national, and international repertoire.
  • You will develop your creativity in musical or interdisciplinary projects in different contemporary genres as performer, composer, arranger or musical producer making appropriate use of audition techniques and musical theories.
  • You will participate as a musician using professional effects and production techniques in the making of recordings of your own commercial or independent projects, in Mexico or abroad, combining your understanding of the needs of the music, media, and entertainment industry with a solid professional ethic.
  • You will have knowledge and techniques to operate analog and digital audio equipment that will allow you to work on your demos or productions with self-sufficiency.
  • You will be able to carry out musical projects for audiovisual media (cinema, television, hyper-media and video games), advertising, cinema, theater, radio, and record companies, using digital workstations, traditional and contemporary composition techniques with the support of technological skills and knowledge.
  • You will know and have an analytical vision of the music industry: styles, trends, media, and legislation that will allow you to integrate your artistic proposals to the market and musical panorama in Mexico and the world with a deep sense of ethics, social responsibility, and the dignity of the person.
  • You will create commercial contracts with a solid knowledge of the music industry and deep professional ethics for national and international projects and you will work in the production, administration, and commercialization of your own presentations and musical participation in festivals, inside and outside Mexico.