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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Culinary Arts possess the skills needed to manage food and beverage businesses with social conscience and respect for others. Graduates conduct research to learn about food products, customs, and gastronomic culture. The program equips students to disseminate and showcase this heritage by creating and preparing dishes. Graduates apply traditional and innovative culinary techniques to the highest hygiene and quality standards, respecting the traits of food products in order to communicate ideas and gastronomic trends. Characterized by their entrepreneurial spirit, they strive to become influential leaders in their field and innovate in the design and development of products and culinary processes. They manage and optimize administrative procedures of food and beverage establishments. Our graduates are leaders who, in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams, provide high-quality services.
  • You will develop competencies with a focus on culinary consultancy and research applied to business.
  • You will gain real, hands-on experience by taking two supervised courses in workplace settings (practica).
  • Our program has been accredited by national and international agencies.
  • You will participate in conferences and opening lectures of the academic year.
  • You will participate in professional development activities and events to enhance your technical and human skills.
  • Our faculty consists of top professors who provide individualized attention to students.
  • We hold a strategic partnership with Le Cordon Bleu, which means you are sure to receive instruction built on the same methodology for the demonstration, practice, and mastery of culinary techniques across all our campuses.
  • Our cooking classes include a demonstration by the chef and individual practice in the kitchen.
  • Upon completion of the bachelor's degree program, you will earn four Le Cordon Bleu certificates: basic cuisine, intermediate cuisine, basic pastry, and intermediate pastry.
  • Anáhuac University offers students the opportunity to earn the Grand Diplôme (highest qualification awarded by Le Cordon Bleu) by studying six additional months at any international Le Cordon Bleu school.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn an additional degree from Universidad Francisco Vitoria in Spain.
  • Anáhuac University offers students the opportunity to earn an additional degree in restaurant management (UAMN only).
  • You will guide the food and beverage selection and purchasing process (fruits, vegetables, animal produce, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) taking into account the traits, uses, and varieties of the ingredients available in the national and international markets to optimize the business’s resources.
  • You will apply culinary techniques to the processing of raw materials (cooking methods, knife skills).
  • You will plan, organize, manage, control, and evaluate the procedures of food and beverage establishments taking into account the applicable legal, safety, and hygiene requirements and acting in compliance with the regulations and criteria set forth by accreditation agencies.
  • You will develop marketing strategies to promote gastronomic products and services.
  • You will create innovative gastronomic products.
  • You will work within multidisciplinary teams to provide advice and consultancy services to food and beverage establishments.