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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Fashion Design and Production possess an entrepreneurial spirit, solid professional and human skills, and the knowledge needed to propose innovative solutions in the field of fashion. They apply design techniques and take into account human, sociocultural, economic, aesthetic, and emotional factors to create new trends. Graduates are leaders who can work as independent professionals or within multidisciplinary teams in order to bring about change and add value in accordance with the context. They strive to preserve community aesthetics, traditions, and customs by showing respect for the sociocultural context and the environment. In so doing, they dignify the transcendental sense of their profession.
  • You will acquire mastery of the competencies involved in the creative process of developing collections of clothing and accessories.
  • Our program emphasizes the configuration, production, and management processes of design projects and environmental responsibility (rational use of energy, sustainability, non-polluting materials, compliance with international guidelines on environmental preservation, rational and respectful management of human resources).
  • You will gain the skills needed to build an international career or launch a business venture.
  • You will develop the ability to adapt to the needs of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Anáhuac University offers students the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with some of the best design schools internationally.
  • Our school features modern equipment and facilities.
  • We offer education with a practical approach.
  • Our faculty consists of top professors, who provide individualized attention to students.
  • Our students participate in field trips to fashion shows as well as national and international fashion events.
  • Our program equips students with a solid knowledge base in the areas of management, production, and operation of fashion companies.
  • Graduates can pursue careers as fashion illustrators, collaborating with or working for clothing brands.
  • You will possess the abilities needed to generate concepts, illustrate, produce, and create clothing or accessories collections for your own company or some other brand.
  • You will possess the knowledge needed to develop promotion and distribution strategies for your own company or to work as an advisor for other brands.
  • You will lead editorial projects, living up to ethical standards during the shaping and execution of identity projects and messages.
  • You will provide advice regarding the image of fashion projects, proposing the necessary visual solutions.
  • Graduates can pursue careers as media, editorial, or personal fashion stylists.