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Building from their understanding of companies and organizations, Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Finance and Public Accounting prepare strategic financial analyses that take into account market dynamics and volatility. They use state-of-the-art technology to process information, which they then translate into decision-making models. Graduates possess the skills needed to manage the risks inherent to the value creation process in a globalized world. The program prepares students to apply the best internationally accepted principles. Our graduates find fulfillment in their careers, carrying out their duties ethically and with a profound sense of the common good. In so doing, they reach their full potential as human beings.
  • Our faculty consists of some of the best professors in Latin America, who hold graduate degrees from the most prestigious universities in Mexico and the world and have a wealth of teaching and professional experience.
  • Our program design draws from a comparative analysis of some of the best university degrees in the world, which allows students to participate in exchange programs during their undergraduate studies and build successful careers in the professional arena.
  • Our school has over 50 years of experience in the education of leaders capable of transforming organizations and society through the application of a solid knowledge base and teamwork skills.
  • The program includes applied courses, which integrate state-of-the-art technology, real information, and simulation models.
  • Through its partnerships and student exchange agreements with over 120 universities in 30 countries, Anáhuac University encourages student mobility to infuse its programs with a global perspective.
  • Our school supports creativity and innovation, key elements for entrepreneurship and business growth.
  • We encourage our students' comprehensive development by addressing aspects such as ethics, culture, social responsibility, and universal values, which help students and graduates gain an enhanced sense of the transcendence of life.