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The Anáhuac Financial Management graduate identifies and structures strategic financial components through solid theoretical and practical tools that allow for adequate decision making and problem solving. He/she develops initiatives and leads financial projects to obtain, generate, administer, and analyze information or data that allows the strategic management of resources with a creative and innovative approach in the generation of value.
  • Our student exchange programs provide valuable international experience and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.
  • Our program equips students with the critical-thinking and innovation skills needed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude.
  • Students develop the professional competencies required by the marketplace (private sector, in particular) with a focus on entrepreneurship and a collaborative sense of independent learning.
  • Our school has a close association with distinguished members of the global business community and providers of solutions in areas such as business simulation, project creation and development, case solving, and company research and analysis.
  • During our program courses, students have access to state-of-the-art instructional materials, resources, and tools that enhance international competitiveness.
  • You will possess the skills needed to analyze a company's financial position.
  • You will use your understanding of the social and economic context as a starting point to devise investment strategies, both in the public and private sectors.
  • You will integrate your knowledge to select and use techniques, methods, tools, and technologies applicable to the analysis and valuation of companies and financial assets.
  • You will engage in risk management activities to preserve and increase the value of both corporate and personal assets.
  • You will investigate economic, financial, and sociocultural phenomena using econometric tools to analyze the historical behavior of financial markets and prepare projections and forecasts.
  • You will develop financial models, strategies, and products based on the analysis of different markets and scenarios to generate profit and benefits for the parties involved.