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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Industrial Engineering for Management are proactive, innovative leaders with human and ethical values, who apply their knowledge in the field of engineering science to promote economic, industrial, and social development. The program equips students with the skills needed to design, manage, and optimize productive systems. Graduates are also prepared to take a role in strategic planning processes, management of the supply chain, financial analyses, and implementation or evaluation of quality systems. Their main focus is to improve the competitiveness of national or international organizations, plants or companies through a holistic approach, work in multidisciplinary teams, and project management. In so doing, they responsibly promote the generation of resources within organizations and help meet human needs.
  • We offer a flexible curriculum that will enable you to develop the professional skills required by the market and which will allow you to study in the Anáhuac Network of Universities in Mexico and abroad. You will also be able to study a language, learn to play an instrument, play a sport, and even obtain a diploma in the area of your interest *.
  • We will guide you to develop technical skills with a business management approach for you to master the strategy for operations management.
  • You will develop an entrepreneurial vision, leadership, and global business management competency.
  • You will receive personalized attention in a healthy environment of social harmony, companionship, participation, and friendship.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in international industrial engineering contests.
  • Our professors possess a high academic, professional, and teaching background.
  • You will have educational experiences through projects in the industry and visits to companies, conferences with national and international professionals, participation in workshops, and courses with experts in the areas of industrial engineering.
  • You will be able to participate in international congresses and conferences.
  • You will have the possibility of obtaining a double engineering degree.
  • *It varies according to the venue.
  • You will design systems and processes with a global-strategic and systemic approach.
  • You will define productivity standards.
  • You will direct the development of personnel towards organizational objectives, through teamwork.
  • You will make decisions about organizational processes, based on scenarios constructed through the results obtained from database administration and Information and Communication Technologies [ICTs].
  • You will solve organizational and production systems problems integrally and systemically.
  • You will design and improve quality control processes, with a systems approach.
  • You will evaluate organizations and their production systems, using techniques and mathematical models that support them in their optimization of resources.
  • You will optimize processes in the areas of manufacturing, production management, and operations, thus achieving a reduction in operating costs.
  • Evaluate and improve safety, hygiene and occupational health systems that safeguard the integrity of people, assets, and facilities.
  • You will control and manage manufacturing or service production processes.