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Anáhuac graduates from the bachelor’s degree program in International Business perform their profession with excellence all around the world. Not only do they understand market transformation and global business processes, but they also think of technology-based efficiency as a critical aspect of global competition. They grasp the competitive strengths and weaknesses of each country and design socially responsible corporate strategies. Their ability to lead is the reason why their innovative ideas can be brought to life and it allows them to find opportunities within cultural diversity, which can be seized during their negotiation processes. These graduates find fulfillment in their profession and conduct themselves ethically, with a sense for the common good, while continuing to develop their full potential as human beings.
  • Because it has one of the best faculties of professors in Latin America, who have undertaken postgraduate studies in the most prestigious universities in Mexico and the world and possess extensive teaching and professional experience.
  • Because the curriculum is based on a comparative analysis with the best universities in the world, which allows students to make academic exchanges while studying and then perform successfully in the professional market.
  • Because it has more than 50 years of experience in training leaders capable of transforming organizations and society, applying solid technical knowledge and teamwork.
  • Because it teaches applied subjects through the use of state-of-the-art technology, real information, and simulation models.
  • Because it provides a global vision and facilitates the mobility of its students through agreements to participate in academic exchanges with more than 120 Universities in 30 countries.
  • Because it fosters creativity and innovation, which are fundamental for entrepreneurship and business development.
  • Because it promotes an all-encompassing education that incorporates aspects such as ethics, culture, social responsibility, and universal values which generates a transcendent sense of life in its students and graduates.
  • Analysis of the global business environment.
  • Estimation and management of international risks.
  • Identification of international growth opportunities.
  • Design and management of strategies to enter international markets.
  • Diagnosis of the functioning of the different areas in global companies.
  • Planning and management of the logistics strategy of global companies.
  • Design and management of foreign trade strategies.
  • Foreign investment planning.
  • Negotiation and decision making in multidisciplinary and multicultural work teams.
  • Management of cutting-edge technologies applied to the supply chain of global companies.