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The Anáhuac International Relations graduate is a leader of positive action, with solid multidisciplinary bases, who under an absolute commitment to truth and good, analyzes and evaluates realities of Mexico and the world from the individual’s centrality. Likewise, through the design and implementation of policies, strategies, projects, negotiation and conflict resolution, with a deep knowledge of the environment and national and international politics, our International Relations graduate carries out actions for the well-being and transformation of society.
  • A curriculum that focuses on the professional skills demanded by the market, with the possibility of pre-specializing according to the occupational needs of the profession.
  • A multidisciplinary approach: solid legal, economic, geopolitical, intercultural, and negotiation bases.
  • A broad link with the public and private sector through diversified professional practices.
  • A first experience of formal research, with the option of writing a thesis within the framework of a specialized research center.
  • Professors with a solid academic background and prestige in the field of international relations.
  • A curriculum that includes topics of global relevance and allows our students to be internationally competitive.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a broad general culture.
  • You will use theoretical and methodological tools, as well as technologies applicable to International Relations to know and understand the realities and trends in the national and international spheres.
  • You will investigate and analyze phenomena, situations, and scenarios related to international issues in order to understand, interpret, and explain current problems and propose comprehensive solutions for the public, private, and social sectors.
  • You will participate in interdisciplinary and multicultural work teams to develop projects of international scope with an integrating vision.
  • You will design strategies in your professional environment for the innovation and positive transformation of peoples' and institutions' lives.
  • You will manage comprehensive projects of an international nature, focused on the pursuit of a greater community well-being.
  • You will evaluate policies, programs, projects, and agreements related to international issues in the national and international spheres of public administration, business, civil society, and academia.
  • You will analyze and evaluate the situations and needs of the contemporary world from the centrality of the human person.
  • You will participate in the formation of public opinion.