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The Universidad Anáhuac graduate of the bachelor's degree program in International Tourism is a professional with a proactive attitude towards the development of the tourism sector. He or she advises and collaborates with tourism companies and/or government entities through the implementation of both qualitative and quantitative processes and optimizes resources to generate a sustainable benefit. Our graduate designs, develops and integrates innovative tourism products with a strategic and multicultural approach that encourages the sector to provide new experiences. He/she works with high-quality multidisciplinary teams at a national and international level that transcend by developing culture, the environment, the economy, and the host community, always in search of the destination’s aesthetics.
  • We offer a dual plan with practical and theoretical subjects.
  • Our plan is designed so that the student can do professional internships abroad for one year.
  • Unique link with the business sector, more than 1,600 hours of internship with world-class service companies, having one year of work experience before graduating.
  • At the end of the program, you will know two languages in addition to Spanish.
  • Our students graduate with a profile of business management and entrepreneurship.
  • You will get an international vision of Tourism as well as an overview of business management in the sector.
  • We train students with a sustainable vision of tourism.
  • You will receive personalized attention.
  • You will participate in congresses, seminars, and conferences.
  • You will benefit from national and international academic trips.
  • We have a strategic alliance with Le Cordon Bleu, a company with 120 years of experience in training professionals in the hospitality industry.
  • Possibility of working in international companies in Mexico and abroad.
  • The tourism industry represents 9% of the world's GDP (UAC only).
  • It generates 255 million jobs a year worldwide (UAC only).
  • It represents 6% of world international trade.
  • You will develop tourism businesses that offer a sustainable and comprehensive solution.
  • You will identify areas of opportunity in the tourism sector to offer a solution.
  • You will identify, manage, and develop human talent within the organization.
  • You will identify, anticipate, and manage the quality of services within the organization.
  • You will participate in and design the development of new products and new tourism experiences.
  • You will manage the execution of operational, strategic, and marketing plans in companies and organizations.
  • You will participate in and develop innovative tourism marketing strategies.
  • You will participate, in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, in the definition and operation of public policies on tourism.
  • You will be in charge of the management and control of tourism companies.