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The Universidad Anáhuac graduate of the bachelor's degree program in Law is a person with a solid and comprehensive education who exercises his/her leadership ethically and responsibly and is committed to the dignity of the human person. Through research, the interpretation and integral application of Law, our Law graduate identifies behaviors, facts, and juridical acts in order to develop innovative legal initiatives and implement actions with a global vision for the prevention, advising, and resolution of controversies in the personal or social scope, within a public or private context.
  • Our program courses are designed to help students develop the professional competencies needed to successfully start and advance their careers.
  • Our courses offer a balance between theory and practice in all the cardinal branches of law.
  • Students can specialize in different areas to suit their interests (four areas of law available for you to choose from).
  • Students receive individualized attention from faculty members, who are leaders in their fields of expertise.
  • Students participate in conferences, symposia, as well as national and international competitions.
  • We offer students the opportunity to meet and work with students from other Anáhuac Network universities through their involvement in projects for our magazines and participation in conferences, seminars, and student exchange programs.
  • Students undertake internships in public and private institutions to gain real-world experience in preparation for their future careers.
  • You will possess the knowledge required for the interpretation and practical application of legal rules with a sense of ethics.
  • You will be prepared to litigate a variety of matters in local and federal courtroom settings.
  • You will evaluate critically the legal acts performed by authorities to determine their validity.
  • You will propose mechanisms to ensure legal certainty and the effective application of legal rules.
  • You will demonstrate the ability to appreciate the impact of legal resolutions in society.
  • You will receive an education with a practical approach and a focus on positive leadership.
  • You will possess the knowledge needed to provide legal advice from an international perspective.