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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Mechatronics Engineering are ethical, responsible professionals who apply their knowledge in the fields of exact sciences and engineering to promote social development and improve the quality of people's lives. Graduates are prepared with modern techniques, methods, and tools to identify, formulate, and solve problems through the design of mechatronic systems, components or processes intended to meet real needs. They possess the skills needed to work in compliance with the applicable legal provisions and to overcome real economic, social, political, environmental, ethical, health, safety, and manufacturability constraints. Graduates use their leadership skills and provide guidance in multidisciplinary teams, where they propose and manage efficient, sustainable design solutions with reduced environmental impact.
  • Our program courses are designed to help students develop the professional competencies required by the marketplace.
  • You can choose one of our pre-specialty areas based on your interests.
  • Anáhuac University encourages research and technological development activities.
  • Students integrate theory and practice through involvement in business projects.
  • You will acquire an entrepreneurial mindset as well as leadership and managerial skills.
  • You will receive individualized attention in a healthy atmosphere of familiarity, comradery, involvement, and friendship.
  • The program shares a common core with other engineering programs.
  • Our faculty consists of professors with outstanding academic and professional credentials.
  • As part of your learning experience, you will participate in projects, field trips to companies, conferences with national and international industry professionals, workshops, and seminars taught by experts.
  • You will participate in technological development contests in Mexico.
  • You will design and implement electronic systems to develop new products or to improve industrial and service processes.
  • You will design, set up, and implement software solutions for the purpose of controlling equipment, improving industrial and service processes, or developing new products to better exploit technological resources.
  • You will possess the knowledge needed to design innovative products, machinery, and equipment components using software such as CAD, CAE, CAM, among others.
  • You will design and implement automatic control systems to develop new products or to improve industrial and service processes.
  • Taking design as a basis, you will develop and implement mechatronic systems to save energy and consumables within companies.
  • You will identify areas for improvement in industrial and service systems, diagnosing faults for the purpose of coming up with solutions to enhance business competitiveness.
  • You will automate productive systems using specialized hardware and software.
  • You will optimize manufacturing processes within companies through the application of state-of-the-art mechatronics technology.
  • You will possess the knowledge needed to create new technological products in the domain of mechatronics for the benefit of companies.
  • You will possess the knowledge needed to lead projects in the domain of mechatronics for the purpose of supporting regional and national development.