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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Multimedia Design possess a solid knowledge base, well-honed human skills, and the ability to identify, set up, evaluate, communicate and manage different products, services, and strategies in the field of multimedia design. The program prepares students to master digital tools, which allows them to propose comprehensive design solutions taking into account factors such as usability and user experience. Graduates manage design projects in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams characterized by their ethical approach towards message crafting and respect for individuals, society, and the environment. They possess the sensitivity and critical judgment needed to transcend market trends and generate innovative proposals taking into account the cultural richness of their region and country. In so doing, they make global contributions.
  • You will gain a strategic, multidisciplinary perspective of the field of digital design, which will help you smoothly transition into professional life.
  • The program will help you acquire the knowledge base, abilities, and attitudes needed to come up with, plan, propose, and implement solutions for current and future design problems.
  • Our faculty consists of top professors with graduate degrees and a wealth of professional experience in the field of multimedia design.
  • Our school features excellent facilities.
  • Students receive individualized attention.
  • Anáhuac University offers students the opportunity to add value to their education by choosing diplomas in fields such as animation, visual effects, and digital marketing.
  • By participating in the extracurricular events organized by the School of Design, such as conferences, seminars, lectures, and workshops, you will gain an understanding of the industry landscape and create valuable connections with top leaders in the field of multimedia design.
  • You may undertake internships at the best national and international companies in the fashion industry.
  • Through its international partnerships, Anáhuac University offers students the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with the best fashion design schools worldwide.
  • Using methods and new technologies, you will develop multimedia experiences at the service of human beings.
  • You will analyze and examine sociocultural contexts as well as present and future scenarios to identify areas for improvement in the practice of multimedia design.
  • You will propose solutions to multimedia communication problems to add value to the message from an ethical perspective.
  • You will work within teams using an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • You will develop strategies, products or services in the field of multimedia design to contribute high-quality, innovative solutions.
  • You will start and manage multimedia projects of interdisciplinary nature to meet the needs of society in a feasible, sustainable manner.