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Organizational and Educational Pedagogy

About Organizational and Educational Pedagogy

The Universidad Anáhuac graduate of the bachelor's degree program in Organizational and Educational Pedagogy is a professional with an active social participation, whose actions directly influence the well-being of society through diagnosis, planning, research, design, orientation, management, and evaluation of educational projects and programs, in collaboration with other professionals and following a systematic methodology to find solutions that respect and promote the human person in all her/his dimensions and that, in the most diverse environments, promote good with a genuine social conscience and responsibility.
  • We offer you a degree that will allow you to work with children, teenagers, people with disabilities, and adults, to achieve the development of their intellectual, affective and social capacities.
  • You will receive an integral formation in all the areas in which Pedagogy is applied, which will allow you to have more and better possibilities of employment.
  • We offer you the integrated qualification, through the accreditation of all subjects and the completion of professional internships.
  • You will have a solid theoretical education and practical training throughout your undergraduate studies, which will allow you to obtain real knowledge of current educational needs and training for your future professional development.
  • We offer you training to exercise leadership in education.
  • You will be prepared to work with information and communication technologies, which is indispensable in the 21st century and in the face of the globalization of education.
We offer you a wide range of postgraduate courses that will keep you at the forefront of your professional career: • Six Specialties: § Teaching based on competencies. § Educational evaluation. § Educational coaching for leadership. § Direction of training and development of Human Resources. § Design of inclusive practices for people with disabilities. § Perinatal education, certified by Lamaze International. • Four Master's degrees: § Education. § Inclusion of persons with disabilities. § Psychopedagogy. § Direction of Educational Centers • or Two Doctorates: § Educational Evaluation. § Leadership and Management of Higher Education Institutions. § The Faculty of Education counts with the Centro Anáhuac de Investigaciones, Servicios Educativos y Posgrados (CAISE), through which diverse researches in the educational field are carried out, with renowned national and international researchers. § The focus of our Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy is humanistic, focused on the resolution of contemporary educational problems. § The Faculty of Education participated in the creation of the Committee for the Evaluation of Pedagogy and Education Programs (CEPPE). Likewise, the degree in Pedagogy was accredited and re-accredited by this organism. This places us as the fourth Higher Education Institution among all public and private universities in Mexico with this level of quality. § We offer you a university environment that combines a young spirit with a high level of academic professionalism. § We offer you a pleasant university campus for interaction and study. § We offer you an updated curriculum focused on the professional competencies that the labor market requires. § We have several radio programs that broadcast educational and formative content through Radio Anáhuac at 1670AM. § Through the principles of situated learning, case studies, and various problem-solving methodologies, you will develop the professional skills required worldwide through the practical subjects in which you will carry out intervention projects in various institutions from your second semester onwards. For this purpose, we have several agreements with national and foreign schools and institutions of recognized prestige to carry out internships, such as: § - Papalote, Museo del Niño § - Banco Banorte § - Seguros Axa § - Dell de México § - Gymboree § - UNESCO § - Televisa § - Fundación TV Azteca § - Kadima, A.C. § - CRIT-Teletón § - Youth Integration Centers § - Kidzania § - Sistema para el desarrollo integral de la Familia (DIF) § - Museo Rufino Tamayo § - Instituto Nacional para la Educación de los Adultos (INEA) § We have agreements with prestigious schools and institutions, both national and foreign, where you can do an internship: § - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina, Argentina § - Queensland University y Macquarie University, Australia § - Swinburne University of Technology, Australia § - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile y Universidad Finis Terrae, Chile § - Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Universidad de Cantabria, Spain § - Universidad de Salamanca, Spain § - University of Strathclyde y University of Sussex, UK § - University of Westminster y University of Exeter, UK § - University of Southampton y University of Nottingham, UK § - Universidad Ben Guion, Israel § - CONAHEC, Canada, Mexico, and the USA § - Universidad Católica de Valencia § Anáhuac University, in agreement with the Hebrew University, offers you an additional certification to the degree of Bachelor in Pedagogy that will allow you to develop professionally in the field of teaching, in the schools of the Jewish School Network.
  • You will design and develop teaching-learning processes, syllabi, and curricula, in diverse educational contexts.
  • You will develop orientation and intervention strategies at different levels and educational environments.
  • You will carry out programs and projects of education and training of human resources.
  • You will be able to work in educational institutions, companies, pedagogical classrooms of hospitals, cultural and social participation classrooms, taking charge of:
    • The development of educational programs for children, teenagers, and adults.
    • The design of didactic materials and resources with and without technologies, for children, teenagers and adults.
    • The design of educational proposals for different social sectors.
    • The design and application of models of administration, and evaluation of educational institutions.
    • Technical and academic management of educational institutions of different levels and modalities.
    • Curricular design
    • Adult education
    • Educational programs in museums, cultural centers and the media, such as radio and television.
    • The design of educational publications.
    • Training and development of human resources.
    • Design of educational enterprises.