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The Universidad Anáhuac graduate of the bachelor's degree program in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a professional expert in the analysis of movement and functionality of the human being; our graduates’ excellent human, academic, and practical training empowers them to evaluate, diagnose and design a specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment, aimed at promoting health, preventing, diminishing or improving disabilities or physical alterations, providing patients with the necessary tools to achieve the development of their skills, maximum functionality, independence, and life quality. Our graduates collaborate in interdisciplinary teams and research programs, responsibly generating new tools for physiotherapeutic intervention based on scientific knowledge, for the development and progress of their profession and the benefit of society.
  • We offer the best program in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, in a high-level university environment, with a multidisciplinary vision and in direct relation with the medical field.
  • Like the other clinical undergraduate degrees of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the first year of the program is shared with the Bachelor of Medicine, with 40 years of experience, which provides our students with solid academic bases from the beginning of their studies.
  • Our professors have a specialization, masters and/or doctorate, in addition to a high level of experience, which makes them leaders in their area.
  • Exchanges with prestigious universities nationally and internationally.
  • The practical clinical fields are within institutions of high specialty, where our students' practical competencies can be developed professionally.
  • Another great richness is the humanistic and ethical aspect of the professional's actions, following the institutional ideology, thus helping you to serve the most needed through your knowledge.
  • The focus on competencies makes the student, from the first semesters, begin to have contact with patients, first within the University, and later in various clinical fields.
  • We are committed to promoting the generation of knowledge in various lines of research in the area of rehabilitation so that our students can relate to international institutions.
  • You will be an expert in assessing human movement at all stages of life.
  • You will be able to prevent health problems with a high impact on society.
  • You will promote the recovery of health, interacting interdisciplinarily with different medical specialties.
  • You will have the ability to analyze the functionality of the human being, from the neurological and musculoskeletal point of view, with the aim of giving each patient a dignified and self-sufficient life.
  • You will design appropriate treatments aimed at the recovery of people with disabilities, either temporary or permanent.
  • The professional practice is clinical, that is, in contact with patients; this develops a high clinical level that will make you a highly specialized professional.
  • You will accompany each patient in their recovery process and you will be an essential support for their success.