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About Psychology

The Anáhuac Psychology graduate is an integral person, with an excellent professional, ethical, human and anthropological education, which allows her/him to select and apply the necessary methods, techniques and instruments to carry out evaluations, diagnosis, prevention, training, intervention, and research in the different areas of psychology, with the aim of collaborating in the achievement of the well-being of the individual, families, institutions, and society. Our psychology graduate is respectful for the dignity of people, considering their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. She/he carries out interdisciplinary work with various professionals to solve problems related to the field of psychology, showing a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.
  • We are a University committed to the comprehensive development of our students and society since we educate professionals capable of responding to the various circumstances and problems of our times.
  • You will develop the skills, aptitudes, and abilities to exercise psychology from each area, ethically and professionally.
  • You will achieve a mastery of the specific competencies linked to the detection, prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, intervention, and psychological research in each of the main areas of psychology.
  • We offer theoretical-practical training from the first periods of study, which favors the development of commitment and social responsibility in each of our graduates.
  • You will participate in practices linked to and appropriate to the professional competencies of the main areas of application of psychology.
  • You will obtain specialized knowledge in the areas of clinical psychology, educational psychology, neurosciences, and organizational psychology.
  • You will carry out research projects in different fields of psychology.
  • We have several pre-specialties so that you can complete your studies with greater knowledge in your area of interest.
  • You will develop the necessary skills to ethically and professionally practice psychology from its diverse areas, offer a quality service with commitment and social responsibility in a world that intensely demands it.
  • You will select and apply tests, techniques, and specialized instruments to obtain information that will allow you to deeply understand people and groups.
  • You will obtain the tools to carry out the psychological diagnosis in children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, considering personal, family, and social aspects.
  • You will know how to handle the latest psychological tests and you will be able to use them in the evaluation of development, intelligence, aptitudes, interests, values, and personality, in children, teenagers, adults, and senior adults.
  • You will analyze and investigate phenomena related to behavior within the different fields of psychology to achieve a comprehensive understanding of particular situations and for the benefit of people.
  • You will be able to prevent and solve the psychological problems of individuals and groups, promote changes that improve their well-being, and promote the overall individual and social development.
  • You will perform counseling, tutoring, and consulting in the personal, family, group, school, organizational, and hospital contexts.
  • You will collaborate in interdisciplinary teams, with the purpose of offering comprehensive services of psychological attention that promote the health of people and communities, in the biological, psychological, and social areas.
  • You will design and implement techniques and programs of prevention and psychological intervention in order to promote innovation in the profession and provide society with quality products and services.
  • You will undertake and coordinate projects in different areas of psychology, aimed at promoting the holistic well-being of people.