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About Psychopedagogy

The psychopedagogue graduated from Anáhuac University is a professional specialized in the prevention and treatment of learning problems; she/he develops, ethically and responsibly, the activities for school orientation and training, as well as psycho-pedagogical practice and educational administration. Our graduate in psychopedagogy promotes inclusion in classrooms and educational organizations, with an attitude of service that privileges respect for human dignity at various levels and contexts, for the transformation of the person and society, in pursuit of the common good.
  • Our curriculum is aligned with the professional competencies required by the market.
  • We offer practice-oriented training.
  • You'll receive personalized attention.
  • We offer a unique bachelor's degree, aimed not only at diagnosis, psycho-pedagogical treatment, and educational guidance but also at curricular adaptation for this type of need.
  • You will carry out supervised practices in schools, from initial education to high school.
  • The curriculum promotes the exchange of professional experiences in other national and international universities.
  • You will be able to prevent learning problems of school origin.
  • You will diagnose the learning difficulties of children and young people, considering the theoretical contributions of psychology, pedagogy, neuropsychology, and psycholinguistics.
  • You will develop programs for children and young people, using individual (PAI) and group teaching models that favor their school integration process.
  • You will be able to support the integration of children and young people with different abilities and special educational needs.
  • You will provide educational guidance to teachers, students, and parents in educational institutions.
  • You will propose and manage educational programs in schools and clinics of psycho-pedagogical care in the public and private sectors.
  • You will develop psycho-pedagogical research with a scientific focus on the school population with learning problems, which will lead to publications, participation in conferences and professional associations.